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Guide to Fourth Wing: Learn about Characters, Dragons, Signets and more

You can already tell how much I love Fourth Wing from the Empyrean Series written by Rebecca Yarros. I literally made a whole fan website for it where I poured hours on creating you wikis, guides and info packed posts about theories and posts.

I read the Fourth Wing four times already within two weeks (I’m not crazy, you’re crazy). Furthermore, I read it on a Kindle first, then ordered the hard cover, so I can underline and write notes. And OMG, where do I even begin?

Yes, the Fourth Wing deserves all the hype it’s getting. It’s better than Harry Potter + GOT + Hungers Games combined. At least to me. It’s fast-paced with a lot going on. There is romance, and yes, there is spice and there are dragons. And I’m low-key in love with one of the characters.

About Fourth Wing

Basgiath Location in Kingdom of Navarre
Basgiath Location in the Kingdom of Navarre. Map art by Melanie Korte.

Fourth Wing is set in a fictional continent divided into three locations: Navarre, where we’ll spend most of the time, Poromiel and The Barrens. The main location is Basgiath War College, the prestigious academy in Basgiath, the capital of Navarre, where cadets enrol in the hopes to become riders and thus bonded with dragons. Want even more? The bond between rider and dragon results in a signet, which is basically the ability to wield something special (like a magical ability).

We have beautiful characters, chronic illness representation, a lot of steamy tension and one of the hottest guys ever. (I’m not joking, look at the fan art online).

There are many characters and a lot of dragons in the Fourth Wing. But they are cleverly introduced as we go along, so you won’t really feel overwhelmed. But just in case, I’m here to share with you a handy table with all the characters, their dragons, names, and signets, so it’s easier to follow and remember.

I am including all the characters in the book, but I’m also describing the characters that truly matter and set the story in motion. For even more info, you can click on each character name to go to their dedicated profile on this website.

Yes, I’m including all the dragons and their human riders and even details about their colours and tails. Ok, I’m even including the dragon’s name meaning in Gaelic because I think this will be super important moving forward. In fact, as you’ll see below, it’s already making a lot of sense based on names, what the resulting signet is with their bonded rider. That’s pretty cool.

Obviously, I need to tell you that there will be mild spoilers ahead. I’m not going to reveal the status of characters here unless they were deceased from the start. If you do decide to click on the character profile, just be mindful that I relay ALL of their information, including their status, journey throughout the book etc. So, that means spoilers.

I do recommend reading Fourth Wing FIRST, then coming back here for more details. The book is worth your time 1000%, the hype is real and well deserved. Of course, proceed at your own accord. Ready? Let’s dive into the main guide to Fourth Wing characters, their dragons, and signets.

Fourth Wing Characters

  • Violet Sorrengail is about 20 year old protagonist. She is pale, frail, has hazel eyes, and a beautiful brown hair that fades to silver at the tips. She has a condition akin to the modern day Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. She was trained all her life to become a Scribe, but her mother pushed her to become a Rider in the Riders Quadrant at the Basgiath War College.
  • Xaden Riorson is a 23-year-old wingleader for the Fourth Wing at the Basgiath War College. He is tall, onyx speckled with flecks of gold eyes, black hair and dark eyebrows. His facial features are marked by a strong jawline, and his skin is tawny in colour. Xaden has a diagonal scar that bisects his left eyebrow and marks the top corner of his cheek. He carries a rebellion relic.
  • General Lilith Sorrengail is Violet’s mother. She is a Rider and resides within the Basgiath War College. Lilith is tall, strong, and muscular. She has a golden-brown hair sheared short for combat. She carries an arrogant look.
  • Mr Sorrengail is Violet’d father. He was a Scribe and trained Violet all her life to be a Scribe just like him. Mr Sorrengail died of heart failure.
  • Mira Sorrengail is Violet’s older sister. Mira is a Lieutenant and an accomplished Rider. She is tall and strong with powerful muscles. She has beautiful skin which radiates with health. She has a golden-brown hair sheared short.
  • Brennan Sorrengail is Violet’s older brother. He died in the Battle of Aretia, killed by Xaden’s father (see below). Brennan is described as a brilliant strategist.
  • General Melgren is the commanding General of all Navarre. Melgren has nothing but cold calculation in his beady eyes. He executed the rebellion leaders, and his dragon created the rebellion relics on the marked ones.
  • Dain Aetos is Violet’s best friend. They have been friends since they were 5 and 6 years old. Dain has soft brown eyes, full lips and sandy-brown hair. He has a scar peeking through his beard along his chin. Dain is a second year rider at Basgiath War College and a squad leader.
  • King Tauri is the current king of the Kingdom of Navarre. He has a toothy smile and a moustache.
  • Fen Riorson is Xaden’s father. He is nicknamed The Great Betrayer and is the leader of the Tyrrish uprising called the apostasy. He was executed after he lost at The Battle of Aretia.
  • Rhiannon Matthias is a first year in the Riders Quadrant and Violet’s friend. Rhiannon is from the Morraine Province. She has dark skin, high cheekbones and an oval face. Rhiannon has brown eyes and dark brown hair worn in several rows of short braids.
  • Raegan is Rhiannon’s twin sister who is married and lives in the Morraine Province with her family.
  • Sawyer is a first year cadet who possesses a tall and lean physique, accompanied by a fair complexion adorned with scattered freckles. He exudes an athletic demeanour. Unfortunately, due to an unsuccessful bonding experience with a dragon during the Threshing ceremony, Sawyer finds himself in his first year again, repeating the process in hopes of forging a successful connection.
  • Ridoc is a friend of Violet and Rhiannon. He has a dark brown hair and a brown skin. He is a shorter cadet that rarely loses his temper and usually uses humour to defuse situations.
  • Jack Barlowe is characterized by his glacial blue eyes and thick blond eyebrows. His physical stature is described as having a monstrous frame. He is one of Violet’s enemies.
  • Imogen, a second-year student in the Fourth Wing, rocks a half-shaved, half-pink hairstyle. She proudly wears a rebellion relic coiled around her forearm. Taller than Violet Sorrengail, Imogen boasts a toned physique and striking pale green eyes. Hooped piercings line the shells of both her ears, adding to her unique style.
  • Liam Mairi is Violet’s friend and protector, but also Xaden Riorson’s foster brother. He is a tall man with a spiky-blond hair. Liam has strong features, a prominent nose and sky-blue eyes. He has a dimple when he smiles.
  • Garrick is one of Xaden’s closest friends. He is a third year rider, section leader, tall with dark-hair and wide shoulders. Garrick is densely packed with muscle, and he has the second-largest rebellion relic.
  • Bodhi Durran is Xaden’s cousin. He is handsome, with tawny brown skin and black curls. His bronzed skin complements a strong brow line. He possesses a softer, more approachable look.
  • Naolin was Tairn’s previous rider. He died during the Battle of Aretia trying to save Brennan.
  • Oren Seifert is a cadet that fosters a lot of jealous towards Violet. He is one of her enemies.
  • Jesinia Neilwart is a Scribe in the Scribes Quadrant. She has bright eyes. She uses sign language and was good friends with Violet.
  • Amber Mavis is a wingleader for the Third Wing at the Basgiath War College. She has a strawberry-blond hair and blue eyes. She was close friends with Dain Aetos.
  • Sloane Mairi is Liam Mairi sister, due to enter the Riders Quadrant next year. She’s strong, quick and has good balance.
  • Colonel Aetos is Dain Aetos’s father and a close advisor to Lilith Sorrengail, Violet’s mother.
  • Nolon is an 84-year-old rider. His extremely rare signet is that of a mender. Nolon has bright white teeth and a brown skin.
  • Winifred is Nolon’s wife and a header from the Healer Quadrant.

Auxiliary Characters

You will come across in the Fourth Wing Book, although you don’t need to remember them for now:

Professors in the Fourth Wing

Fourth Wing Dragons

A complete and detailed chart of all the Fourth Wing dragons with their names, their name meaning in Gaelic, their colour, tail type if known and the human they are bonded with.

Dragon NameMeaning in GaelicDragon TypeHuman
Tairneanach (Tairn)ThunderBlack MorningstarViolet Sorrengail
Andarnaurram (Andarna)Second honourGold FeathertailViolet Sorrengail
SgaeylShadowBlue DaggertailXaden Riorson
AimsirWeatherBrownLilith Sorrengail
AotromLightBrown SwordtailRidoc
BaideHerdOrange ScorpiontailJack Barlowe
CathBattleRed SwordtailDain Aetos
ClaidhCemeteryOrange DaggertailAmber Mavis
CodaghWarBlack SwordtailMelgren
DeighIceRed DaggertailLiam Mairi
FeirgeAngerGreen DaggertailRhiannon Matthias
FuilBloodBrown ClubtailSoleil
GleannGlenUnknownCaroline Ashton
SliseagSliceRed SwordtailSawyer
SmachdDisciplineUnknownProfessor Kaori
TeineFireGreenMira Sorrengail

About Dragons in Fourth Wing

I put together a whole post about what you need to know about dragons in Fourth Wing, so make sure to give it a read. But just in case, here is a summary:

Dragons have their own politics and social hierarchy governed by the Empyrean, their dragon leadership. Humans have no knowledge of Empyrean affairs and no influence over dragon laws. In terms of size, dragons are about 25 feet (ca. 8 m) tall.

Dragons can have black, blue, green, red, orange, or brown colours. Andarna, a golden dragon, is discovered in the first book of the series, but it believed her colour is special because of her age.

Dragons can have club tails, scorpion tails, sword tails, morningstar tails, daggertails, or feather tails (when not yet adults).

  • Feathertail dragons are mysterious and averse to violence. Andarna starts as a feathertail, capable of bestowing gifts upon humans.Feathertails are unstable and unpredictable, hence typically unsuitable for bonding.
  • Red dragons have a quick temper and should be approached from the left or front, avoiding eye contact.
  • Green dragons from the Uaineloidsig lineage are highly intelligent and make excellent siege weapons. Submission and patience are essential when approaching green dragons.
  • Orange dragons exhibit a range of hues and are unpredictable descendants of the Fhaicorain lineage.
  • Brown dragons should not be shown fear or apprehension.

The rarest of the dragons are the black ones, including Tairn and Codagh. Codagh is the strongest dragon on the continent, followed by Tairn.

The navy-blue dragons such as Sgaeyl are known to be ruthless and do not adhere to the laws as understood by dragons.

Tairn and Sgaeyl are a mated pair. Mated pairs cannot be separated for long, or their health diminishes. There is no bond stronger than that between two mated dragons. One cannot survive without the other.

Signets in Fourth Wing

In the context of the Fourth Wing series, signets are special abilities or powers that individuals possess. These powers are unique to each individual and can range from healing abilities to mind-reading or other supernatural capabilities. The manifestation of a signet is a significant event in a person’s life and often plays a crucial role in the storyline of the series. The nature of a person’s signet can greatly influence their role in society, their relationships, and their personal journey throughout the series.

CharacterTheir SignetOccurrence
Violet SorrengailLightning
Can briefly stop time (direct gift)
Xaden RiorsonShadowsRare
Brennan SorrengailMenderExceptionally Rare
Lilith SorrengailPower of StormsUnknown
Mira SorrengailExtending WardsUnknown
General MelgrenSeeing the outcome of battleRare
Dain AetosRetrocognitionUnknown
Rhiannon MatthiasSummonerRare
Liam MairiFarsightednessUnknown
EmeryAir manipulationUnknown
HeatonBreathing underwaterUnknown
ImogenWipe out recent memories
Really Fast
Nadineunweaving wardsUnknown
Naolinsiphoning powerUnknown
Quinnastral projectingUnknown

You know I have a few Fourth Wing theories and one of them is that Xaden is also an Inntinnsic. Honestly, read the book first and then go check out my theory. I’m 1000% sure this is the case, but of course, we won’t know until Iron Flame comes out.

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  1. Hello! I have just re-read the passage when Quinn and the others are introduced and I wanted to just point out that it is not Imogen who has hooped piercings line the shells of both her ears, but Quinn. Just a minor detail.

    ”Quinn—the tall second-year in our squad who hasn’t bothered to so much as look our way since Parapet—takes a seat next to Imogen, and Sawyer arrives, sitting on Rhiannon’s other side. Quinn tucks her blond curls behind her ears and brushes her bangs out of her eyes, her round cheeks rising as she smiles at something Imogen says. Have to admit, the hooped piercings that line the shells of both her ears are pretty awesome, and among her half dozen patches, it’s the dark-green one—the same color as her eyes—with two silhouettes that’s most intriguing.”

    1. Oh, I will have another look. Thank you for pointing this out.

  2. Heya, Dain is a squad leader not section leader 🙂 Garrick is their section leader

    1. Thank you so much. Of course, I know that, but it doesn’t mean I’m not high on love for Xaden when I’m (mis)typing :P. All corrected!

  3. Hey again! Sorry I forgot to say also – you have ‘unknown’ for Soleil/Fuil’s dragon type but it’s a brown club tail 🙂
    ‘ where Soleil’s Brown Clubtail swings its tail into the wood planks’

  4. I just wanted to inquire: I thought that Nolan was a healer, in the healer quadrant, not a mender like Brennan? Nolan is the best healer, but he doesn’t have the mender signet.

    1. No no, in Fourth Wing it was stated that he is a mender. It’s his wife that’s the best healer.

  5. What about blue Dragons? There is no description about their personalities.

    1. Will add it! Thanks for the heads up!

  6. In Iron flame, Sloan’s mentions her brother Liam hated Cat. Anyone wonder why that is?

    1. I believe that Liam was an excellent judge of character. And I believe that he could figure it out that she was after the crown and not invested in Xaden. I suppose he also saw how terrible she is as a human being. How she messes with people’s minds etc

  7. Don’t forget to add Bodhi Durran, he’s Xadens cousin on his fathers side. His signet is countering signets, and his dragon is Cuir which it’s stated he’s green but I don’t think it’s stated what type of green he is. The only reason we know Cuir is green is cuz when Violet almost burns out he’s the one to say she needs food and they reply “a green would know”.

    1. Planning on updating all the wikis within the next week. I haven’t had a chance yet <3

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