Iron Flame Theory: How come that Violet and Xaden share dreams?

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Written by: Cory

Iron Flame Theory: How come that Violet and Xaden share dreams?

In Iron Flame, Xaden and Violet share dreams of venin. Or at least this is how it looks like. We get to experience the dreams from Violet’s perspective but then, we learn at the very end of the book that it was Xaden that the venin wanted. It was him all along.

Xaden was the one told that he will turn for love and surprise, he does…at the very end of Iron Flame. That’s confusing right?

Welcome to my wildest theory so far. But hey, we’re all friends, right? Right? I hope so. Please don’t throw potatoes at me. Instead, grab your tin foil and go on a trip with me.

What do we know so far?

It’s fair to assume at this point that Xaden and Violet seem to be sharing the same dreams. But that is not right. It cannot be. First of all, Rebecca Yarros herself challenged this belief. Second, that’s not quite what happened in the book. So let’s revise a little bit and check what’s going on.

Nightmare 1

Faster. I have to run faster. Fear holds my throat shut as a tidal wave of death chases me across the sunburned field to where Tairn waits, his back turned.
“So disappointing,” he lectures, as if he’s my Sage and not the teacher of the dark wielder I killed on Tairn’s back.
“Death it is.” He looks so…disappointed as he lowers his hand.[…]

A scream tears through my body as a wave of agony rolls over my skin and bones, leaching the very essence of my energy until-
(Iron Flame, Chapter 22)

Let’s discuss. I want you to pay attention to several things as we go through the nightmare sequences.

I believe this is Violet’s nightmare. The ground is sunburned. She is talking about Tairn and Andarna (although we’ll get back to this as well). There is a thick maroon hood the venin is wearing.

The venin is “disappointed” the same way as Markham is disappointed that she is in the riders quadrant. Coincidence? Scribes have cream robes, the venin has a maroon one. Again, coincidence? Maybe.

Now let’s go back to Tairn. (Gold flickers near the tip of his wing) We are thinking Andarna right now. In this nightmare, it seems to be Andarna from Violet’s perspective. I don’t think it’s Andarna. I think it’s Tairn’s feathertail. I wrote a theory about Tairn and Sgaeyl and their potential hatchlings. Why would Andarna, now black (or else) in Iron Flame would ever be gold again?

If this were Xaden’s nightmare, wouldn’t he be thinking of Sgaeyl? Warning Sgaeyl? I think nightmare 1 is Violet’s. The venin is somehow communicating with her via her dreams. Terrifying!

Then let’s look at the last sentence. The venin is actively trying to drain Violet. Hmmm…This doesn’t seem to ever happen in Xaden’s nightmares.

Nightmare 2:

“Bold choice to move so far from what you perceive as the safety of the wards,” the Sage says, holding me immobile, my feet just inches from the frozen ground of my own personal torture chamber.
I’m trapped in this fucking nightmare again, but at least I made it farther across the sunburned field this time.
[…](Iron Flame, Chapter 37)

Check this out. The ground is now frozen. Interesting…She said she is trapped in the nightmare, but I don’t think this one is hers. She is somehow seeing Xaden’s nightmare.

Could it be because maybe Violet is somehow connected to the venin? Therefore, potentially having access to Venin mind collective? Or could it be that Violet herself is part venin? Now that is a theory for another time…

She says at least the made it further across the sunburned field. But it cannot be sunburned and also frozen.

This is also the first nightmare she has when she is right next to Xaden, beyond the wards. The first nightmare was when she was within the wards. Sounds exactly like that: a nightmare. Now that she is beyond the wards, the magic is a little wilder. Could it be that she actually has access to venin mind?

Nightmare 3:

I’m suspended again over that sunburned field, the death wave a heartbeat from overtaking me once the Sage releases me from his hold, and he will. He does it every time. […]“I grow weary of this. Now wield,” the Sage whispers, his robes purple tonight.[…] “The rest turn for the power,” […]

The temperature plummets, and my next exhale is visible in the frozen air. I blink and snow covers the ground. The only warmth is a quickly cooling trickle along my neck.

“And you won’t do it for something as trite as power or as easily satiable as greed,” he promises in a whisper, “but for the most illogical of mortal emotions— love. Or you’ll die.” He shrugs. “You both will.”(Iron Flame, Chapter 52)

Alright, this one is super tricky. Because she still talks about Tairn. But she is an observer somehow. She has to be. For several reasons. Again, she is suspended over the sunburned field, yet the temperature is well, very cold. The air is frozen. This venin has purple-robes. It’s not the same venin as in the first nightmare. Please notice that even Violet recognises the difference in robes colour.

And another very important detail here. The only warmth is a quickly cooling trickle along her neck. That’s sweat basically. She can feel the sweat in her dreams. Stay with this thought and read what is next.

Xaden’s POV:

“You strike. I block. You throw. I dodge.” He sighs, dragging his staff in the dirt behind him.
Just like my fucking nightmares.[…]Except the sweat dripping down the back of my neck reminds me that this is very much my reality.
“I told you once that you’d turn for love,” he says, holding his arms out. “And so you shall.”
“You know what will happen when you fail?” […]“I’ll step over your dead body and find her. Then I’ll wrap my hands around her delicate little neck—” […]“—and drain her.” (Iron Flame, Chapter 66)

Xaden can feel the sweat, and this is HOW he knows it’s reality. Interesting. In nightmare number 3, Violet pointed it out that she can feel the sweat. So, was that reality? For her, it was. She was the observer and not the dreamer. She was either observing the nightmare through Xaden’s eyes, or somehow being able to predict the future.

Sounds strange, right? Not quite. Remember when in Fourth Wing Jack Barlowe said precognition is not a thing? It might be. Whether is a second signet or some riders/dragons simply have this ability, I think precognition is a thing.

Alright, so going back to the first nightmare. Was that…real? I am not sure. It’s still very likely a possibility that she is seeing the future. The possibility of when one of the venin will come for her and try to drain her.

How come that Violet and Xaden share dreams?

I have several options for this. I’m not too sure which one is correct, but let’s discuss.

  1. Violet had the first nightmare, and the subsequent nightmares were all Xaden’s. She is therefore a type of observer for when she is right next to him. They shared emotions before so maybe he simply shares his dreams (not on purpose).
  2. Violet is an observer, as mentioned above because this is somehow her second signet. She can get into people’s dreams and see the future, communication whatever. Could be a good weapon if used strategically.
  3. Violet is connected to the venin. One way or another, I do think this is true. Whether she was just drained by venin, is immune to being drained by venin or is part venin herself. We don’t know enough yet. But she is definately connected to them. And the same way the hive mind works between venin and wyvern, maybe it works between all venin too.
  4. Venin have abilities in mindwork. They can simply slide into nightmares and work their magic. This way, they sort of shared nightmares but not really.
  5. Violet has the second signet of precognition. She can simply access this via her dreams right now. In which case, nightmare 1 is due to happen eventually and well, sadly, nightmare 3 already happened. It would be an interesting one. Could explain a few other things in Iron Flame as well.

How come that Violet and Xaden share dreams? They don’t. At least Xaden doesn’t know that. Violet might just be a dream walker, be connected to venin or simply have precognition as a second ability.

What do you think? Did you figure it out? Why are the dreams shared and how? Which option is the most plausible to you?

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42 responses to “Iron Flame Theory: How come that Violet and Xaden share dreams?”

  1. orrr, i have an idea. Maybe because Xadens signet was revealed to be intinnistic although I know he said it was intentions– what if somehow revealing that signet he kept so close ashamedly let Violet could be precognitive to combine and walk Xadens dream or the venins mind.

    1. This is a very interesting theory. I really do think that Violet saw Xadens dreams. I was thinking also to the fact that they are bonded, perhaps in the subconscious she linked herself to his mind. In the book it’s always mentioned that when they sleep together their bodies reach for each other like a reflex and why not the mind too since they are linked by the bond? Also another important hint from my perspective is when the Sage arrive at the battlefield, but do not attack with another wave and Xadens says “it’s because are waiting for me” and she asks something how do you know. It makes me believe that the Sage really talked to Xadens via dreams and Violet intercepted them.

      1. When Xaden said “they are waiting for me”. The explanation (at first) seemed like it’s related to the fact that he can read minds right? But I also think that it’s a subtext situation there

  2. I have another theory to add, what if the reason the sage can communicate with her is because of the poison? Maybe it was dark magic and not poison, making him connected to her subconsious in her sleep.

    1. That would be a pretty cool theory!

      1. While reading the dream sections of the book, I felt that maybe they aren’t just dreams but the venin are actually communicating to them through their dreams in real time. I think thats why the dreams feel so real. Because they are real. Each dream the venin are saying different things and often it is like they are saying what they are going to do to them. Unless Violet is having premonitions, how would she be able to dream up some of the things the venin say in her dreams before they happen? I haven’t gone back and reread parts to check this side theory so I would love to hear others thoughts.

        1. It’s difficult, isn’t it? I can’t tell. I think SHE is there. Xaden is not. Because he makes that comment with the sweat down his neck. I don’t know how is she there. Premonition? Very possible. I mean, remember Fourth Wing when Jack made fun of her?
          “Fuck off, Barlowe,” Rhiannon snaps.
          “I’m not the one who thinks precognition is a thing,” he retorts with a sneer.

          So…maybe it is a thing? Maybe is just Andarna’s thing? Or maybe it’s a whole thing.

          1. I feel like you are onto something here. I have only read the books once, so forgive me if I’m not connecting all the right dots, but here are my thoughts on the matter.

            I don’t think the aspect of manipulating time stuck with Vi like some people speculated. If that was the case why would Andarna tell Vi that she can no longer control time and ask her if she is mad at her because of it?

            Therefore, it needs to be another signet.
            We don’t really know what type of dragon Andarna is but she is the last / only one of her far as we know. So if precognition was never a thing in the past, that might very well be true. There was no dragon like Andarna in the past 600 years (if there was it was prolly erased from the archives by the scribe so no one would know at this point in time), so maybe she is the offspring of a dragon race that has the power to gift such a powerful signet. Maybe that is even the reason why she is the last of her kind.

            To me reading those nightmares felt like Violet sees a glimpse of the future, but not just her own. It’s like she can see her own fate and the fate of others as well through their eyes. That would explain why the surroundings are different each time, the colors of the robes, what is said. The scenarios change.

            Maybe this only works with Xaden..for now, cause of the strong bond they share, but if that is a signet then that can be trained and mastered.

            Maybe the venin are also trying to communicate with her in those moments, but she hasn’t learned how to respond yet / she doesn’t know that she can?

            ..and maybe she can not only do that with humans but also with venin. This is the part where we could potentially circle back to the theorys of Vi being linked to venin in some way.

            Also, my mind can’t let go of the god theory and all those parallels that Cory drew between the characters and the gods. If Vi embodies Zeus..and Zeus is also know to be a shapeshifter..which I agree would never fit the narrative of the series..then maybe this is Vi’s way of “shifting into or becoming” someone else.

            I know this is a wild one, but I’m looking forward to what you think.

          2. I don’t think the aspect of manipulating time stuck with Vi like some people speculated. >> Hmmm, it’s possible you know. But they do say that they can accidentally pass the gift of time to riders. I’m not entirely convinced, but it does feel like she can someone manipulate time. Not stop it, but manipulate it.

            I do feel like she can either see the future or walk in his dreams somehow right? They are def not just her dreams that much is clear (to me).

            Vi being linked to venin in some way.>> 1000% I feel she is def connected. I want to write a theory about it but I’m terrified that people will throw eggs at me haha

            Vi and Gods >> That is the only thing I’m uncertain of…the shapeshifting ability. As you said yourself, Zeus could shapeshift. Could it be that Vio can “shapeshift” into venin temporarily?
            Or could it be that she could shapeshift into a dragon? Or WHAT?

        2. I really like this theory Sarah. I just finished re-reading Iron Flame and I noticed a few things that made me think that outside of dream #1 (a good old fashioned nightmare), Violet is somehow eavesdropping into real interactions between Xaden and the Venin. Xaden knows they’re not happening in his body (like how Cory pointed out, he notices when the sweat is dripping down his next signaling he’s in his physical body) but they’re realtime interactions taking place in his mind or a dream or a different medium venin can access.

          In chapter 64 we see Xaden and Violet have this exchange:
          “He thought we’d be at Samara. Figured we’d do the honorable thing and answer Melgren’s call.”
          “How do you know that?” My brow furrows.
          “Do us both a favor and don’t ask.”

          Here I think Xaden is alluding to the fact that he and this venin interact at other times and that maybe Xaden is in enough proximity to read the Venin’s intentions, which is how he knew what he was thinking. Maybe the venin visits Xaden regularly in his mind and Violet only “overheard” a few of those times.

          And then at the end in chapter 65:
          “I killed him.” His voice is flat, and so is his expression, the noon sun cutting away almost every shadow from his face. “Snapped whatever tether he had on me and killed him.”

          So Xaden confirms the venin had some tether or link with him! It gives me so many questions like have they met before in real life?? Who is Xaden outside what we know of him? But it definitely makes me think these interactions Violet “dreams” are really happening. That doesn’t explain how she’s seeing them but just my thoughts right now!

          1. I agree Julie! I do think these interactions really do happen. So as you said yourself, either she is eavesdropping or she is somehow predicting “them”. I’m not sure yet. I need to read them again and again and again!

          2. Like the nightmares were almost for luring her to them basically. The venom boss says that in the nightmare she is out of the wards

        3. I agree.
          But we don’t know what Xaden dreams were about. The last chapter for me, was him having a nightmare of what happened to him on the battlefield when he turned and became Venin.
          I think the reason Xaden said they were waiting for him to start was probably because Xaden was reading his mind, since he kept looking at the venin boss even when Violet was talking to him, – which it doesn’t happen when is Xaden and Violet – and Violet was actually surprised that he would think they were waiting for him, not her, since every single venin they met since the first book always looked at violet and wanted her, not him. They kept saying their boss would be really happy to give her to him. The one in Cordyn says exactly the same as the venin woman in the battlefield AND the venin after who actually holds her in the air before Andarna kills him. The “nightmares” Violet was having, for me was always a warning, he telling her of how much they wanted her. And honestly I thought they would use Xaden to get to her in the end. Because for Xaden she would do anything, remember that when she was almost dying, she started to think to charge from the ground to the wardstone. Every time she had a nightmare I was like “why isn’t she telling ANYONE about this? This Venin boss is definitely getting in her head, freely!

          1. Every time she had a nightmare I was like “why isn’t she telling ANYONE about this? -> I feel the same way. She’s not saying a word which annoys me SO much. I really really want her to talk to people.
            Do you think maybe the nightmares were “planted”? Do you feel like maybe she is predicting the future?

  3. Did anyone notice that in nightmare no. 2 the sage appears to be inntinistic? There is dialogue followed by inner monologue and when the sage speaks again he’s responding to the inner monologue (of who I agree is Xaden).

    Inner monologue-
    Im trapped in this fucking nightmare again, but at least I made it father across the sunburned field this time.

    “Of course, again,” the dark wielded hisses, his face contorting into a sneer.

    The sage also seems to allude to the coming battle at Basgiath in this dream scenario saying “and the longest night has yet to pass”.

    This makes me think this particular dream is not a premonition or a vision of the future but a real time dream communication between Venin/Xaden that Violet is observing. Or else she’s not observing from another vantage point at all but actually trapped in Xadens body and experiencing the dream from his perspective. “But it’s only my mind that knows this isn’t real. My body is very much locked into the illusion”.

    Kinda sort of like when she felt Xadens need, wants, desires when they were having sexy time on the throne…was that him letting her in or her accessing him?? Part of her second signet??!



      But yes, I am starting to think this has something to do with her signet. You are right, the venin does feel inntinnsic. Replying to their inner monologue. And we know that Violet can truly feel the pain, the “sweat” in real time in those dreams. Xaden cannot (which we learn from his inner monologue POV chapter).

  4. I absolutely think Violet has precognition. First up, it’s such a perfect foreshadowing by Yarros in Fourth Wing to have Jack mock Violet over something she actually will develop eventually.
    But also, when Violet has jumped from Tairn and is falling through the sky onto Ridock’s dragon, her mind races through all her loved ones but it’s her mother’s face that comes up in her mind. It’s a point of high adenaline, the perfect time for a signet to flare and I think this is her predicting her mother’s death, she just doesn’t know it.
    And in terms of the signet representing what the person needs most, Violet needs to know facts – information – she’s done with people keeping secrets or holding stuff back. This is her way of knowing crucial information before and beyond anyone else.
    Plus it would trump Melgren’s signet and that would be awesome.

    1. Hi Sarah, I am with you here. “Plus it would trump Melgren’s signet and that would be awesome.” Exactly this. It wouldn’t matter rebellion relic or not. She could see what’s about to happen and prepare. Because that’s what is most useful to her: to be able to know when something will happen, to be prepared.
      And that’s what happened to Tairn as well, Jack really wanted Tairn, but Violet bonded him. It would make sense re precognition.

  5. Hi Cory, I’m a super fan too and I can’t stop reading and thinking about these beautiful books. Today I came up with something, I tried to find an article where you talked about it, but I didn’t find anything.
    I’ll talk to you about it now:
    When Jack killed Baide, he didn’t die. So now that Xaden is Venin, if Sgaeyl dies, Xaden stays alive. So it’s no longer related to Violet.
    What do you think? Thank you so much for everything you do.

    1. Hi Silvia, I can put together an article about it if you want. I think this is super important because we get clues about it when it comes to Tairn getting his teeth into Solas’s neck and threatening Varrish. I have an article about Varrish being venin and I think Tairn kinda knows? So yeah, you are right, venin can control dragons and I don’t think they die if their dragon dies…

      1. Oh, if you did an article about it it would be great. So others could write their theories too! Thank you very much for your reply ❤️

      2. I think I found a couple of parts that relate to the effect a venin rider has on their bonded dragon.

        On page 214 (kindle version) during the first RSC outing when the group encounters Baide, “Baide swivels her head, then opens her mouth and curls her tongue, and I chance a quick glance, catching her hazy golden eyes narrowing to slits as she arches her neck, changing her angle instead of lowering her head to stroke in the typical—”. Notice that it mentions her eyes are hazy.

        Later in the Basgiath wardstone chamber, page 79,3 her eyes are opaque. “‘Get out of there!’ Tairn orders as Baide lowers her head, and I get a single glimpse of her eyes—opaque instead of golden— before Mom charges toward her nose, lifting her sword to swing.”

        1. Hey hey, that’s awesome. There is a theory on the site about this if you search for “eyes” or “smells” 😀

  6. Cory, I finally had the opportunity to read this and I think you are onto something here.

    First, I think Violet can see his dreams in the same manner she can see through Tairn and Adarna’s vision and he can project his memories and thoughts (ex: Violets first signet training and the Throne). Violet in kind can do the same with Xaden due to their bond.

    I do also think she has a connection to the Venin. I keep wondering if the missive referenced beginning chapter 66 is “old” or in reference to Jack. I personally think it is in reference to and older event.

    I still think there is a significant reference in Chapter 58 when Violets states clearly “I am a person who NEEDS information to center myself”. I do like your theory about precognition. But I also believe she may also be a type of inntinnsic (possibly) that can garner information from various sources (the dead, written, geographical maps, dreams, living people, etc).

    I still struggle with the time traveling bit (Andarna was waiting 650 years vs 600). But that doesn’t have to be Violet but could be a signet we have yet to find out about.

    1. Thank you so much! I also think the same: either precognition or some type of inntinnsic as well. I cannot quite put my finger on it just yet which is so frustrating!!!

  7. Has anyone notice that in the first nightmare, the venin violet sees she does not mention it being the sage she just says Venin. But I think she doesn’t recognize that particular venin. Then in that same nightmare the venin says “there is no escaping me rider. Fight me and die, or join me and live beyond the ages, (implying that he has live that long), but you will never escape me not when I have waited CENTURIES for someone with your power” what if that is the first venin (I have just finished reading iron flame so maybe I’m not aware of al the theories or don’t remember everything) and that’s the only nightmare in which he communicates with Violet and he now knows that violet is never going to turn, so he changes tactics and starts targeting Xaden.
    In the second nightmare I think Xaden is protecting his nightmare through the bond and violet thinks its her nightmare and I think that’s the case because when she is describing him she said “but asleep and fully unguarded” I think the sage is trying to torture Xaden into turning that’s why he mention “my own personal torture chamber” because the other venin order him to do it (I still think that the other one is different from this one). And that the Sage has a connection with Xaden for something that might have happen in Resson when he was trying to contain them.
    Now the third I to think its tricky and what I think is happening is that they are sharing the nightmares part of the nightmare is from Violet and the other part is from Xaden. In the first part where she mentions Tairn its violets because the venin says “I grow weary of this. Now wield. Rip free. Show me the power you used to slay our forces above the trading post. The one who watched thinks you´ll never yield that we should kill you before you grow into your full abilities” they are not sure if they can convince Violet to turn. Then this venin is different from the other two, maybe, because she mentions he has tan arms. Now when the venin starts explaining why people turn maybe that part is shared between Xaden and Violet and because she is scared of the venin touching her, she starts to fight for control of the dream. And that’s when she some how gains control but Xaden can’t and that why her surroundings change. Because she is now in Xaden´s dream and he is used to being touched to being tortured and that final statement “and you won’t do it for something as trite as power or as easily satiable as greed. But for the most illogical of mortal emotions … love. Or you will die. You both will” that part is for Xaden and its what happens at the end.

    1. It’s really tricky, isn’t it? I keep on studying and reading them and I’m honestly failing to see them fully.
      I’m not sure if they are projections or Violet can somehow predict the future, through these nightmares, which are related to Xaden.
      Alright, Mely…I’m going back to reading them again to see if I can figure it out. It’s driving me nuts haha

    2. Yess! That’s what I think too. The Venin want her because of her power (notice too that not even dragon fire can kill Venin but violet’s lightning can?) she is a threat to them but also can be a weapon. So they definitely want her. But I think Violets morals are more straight forward than Xadens so she definitely fights against the luring on the nightmares, so naturally turning towards Xaden is a better option for the Venin to influence violet. Xaden has a lot of darkness in him, hence shadows too, and every time there is an important decision like fighting, not fighting, he asks her opinion. He is the weakest link between them, easier to turn, giving the results. Now, through Xaden they can try to control Violet (their bond and his habilities facilitating all of it) I have this theory now that maybe the Onyx Storm is Xaden unleashing his powers to try to control other people, specially violet, like she refers to his presence in her mind as onyx a few times.
      I think, there is a profecy or something similar about a rider that is a light wielder, has a mind of a scribe and a heart of rider that could be the answer to the venin problem.
      Andarna says she was left and waited 650 years until she heard about the general’s daughter to be a scribe and that she knew violet would have a mind of a scriber and a heart of a rider, so she chose her. Andarna was left behind for a reason, and think all 7th species of dragons took off to the islands because of something to do with the Venin too… but not sure what could be

      1. I think, there is a profecy or something similar about a rider that is a light wielder, has a mind of a scribe and a heart of rider that could be the answer to the venin problem. -> I also think it has something to do with her signets. Because she is part her dad and part her mother.

    3. It’s interesting because Andarna also says she’s waited centuries for Violet. The past definitely will hold all the answers here.
      Also why are we all forgetting Varrish? He only wanted to see the her wield lightning over and over like he was studying or collecting jt and not actually aim. He also wanted Andarna to show up all the time as if to draw something from her, too. . I always thought be was venin. It makes no sense he just died and his dragon didn’t die if he’s not venin. That was never addressed. I have a feeling he’ll show up again.
      There’s definitely more to understand with Naolin, too, who had siphon signet powers. He supposedly died saving Brennan but what if he was just siphoning his healing power? A siphon is the ultimate powerhouse. He would have endless pieces of all different powers to charge runes, runes that he could use to wield magic to help venin. Just a theory!

  8. The impression I got when reading was not that they were necessarily sharing dreams. My thought was that the Sage was implanting those dreams on both of them. He is interested in both Violet and Xaden’s powers and would be happy to have either, but though the Sage knows a lot he does not know who will end up becoming Venin in order to save the other, hence why he would plant the dreams for both.

    I have only read the books once and just finished very recently. I also did not read the physical copies, just listen to the audiobooks. I did not necessarily have the ability to re-read any sections (apart from rewinding), so I could be totally wrong!

    1. Interesting. I see what you mean, I wonder if that’s going to be the definitive answer. Because we can’t make sense of them.

  9. So many good theories here. What about
    – 1st dream: The wave nips at my heels, transforming the ground beneath my feet into an ashen, desiccated wasteland
    — but she doesn’t drain like Soleil did. She can’t be drained but she doesn’t seem to understand/know this yet.
    – The wave of death halts and the wind falls silent, as if he’s stopped time
    — what if it’s Violet stopping time. She hasn’t figured out that andarna gave her the gift. Andarna can no longer stop it but she can.
    – “A scream tears through my body as a wave of agony rolls over my skin and bones, leaching the very essence of my energy until—
    — venin is trying to kill her in the dream but can’t cause she’s already been drained
    – 2nd dream: Yet you sleep beyond them.” A grotesque smile tilts his cracked mouth. “And the longest night has yet to pass.” He reaches for a poison-tipped dagger— I blink, my heart slamming against my ribs for the second it takes for me to shed the vivid nightmare and recognize my surroundings. This isn’t a wind-torn field or a cold, blood-soaked cell in Basgiath—it’s Xaden’s light-filled bedroom in Aretia. Big windows, thick velvet drapes, wall-to-wall bookshelves, massive bed. I’m safe. Varrish isn’t waiting on the other side of the door to break me again because he’s dead. I killed him.”
    — when she wakes up she’s pretty much saying the venin in her dream was Varrish. She always remembers her dreams but this time she’s saying it’s varrish she’s scared of. What if Nolon was mending jack and varrish as both are venin?
    – dream 3: Show me the power you used to slay our forces above the trading post. Prove me right that you are a weapon worth watching, worth retrieving.”
    — seems the venin is trying to lure him or her/ Xaden or Vi. ‘Worth retrieving’.
    – “Usually, jealousy sways the tongue of young wielders.”
    — like Jack Barlowe. Jealous brother. Jealousy and greed/power is what converts most to venin
    – You will.” His dark, eyelash-less eyes narrow, and the jagged fingernails slice into my skin with an all-too-real bite of pain. “You’ll tear down the wards yourself when the time comes.”
    — is this past scenario when venin tell jack his role? Like one of the theories earlier. Some of it is Xaden, some of it is Vi, maybe the surroundings change because it’s not an ongoing dream. It’s various different past, luring/dream, and future. The vein doesnt know she’s also intinnsic so when they are trying to communicate she’s also able to see their memories.
    – And you won’t do it for something as trite as power or as easily satiable as greed,” he promises in a whisper, “but for the most illogical of mortal emotions—love. Or you’ll die.” He shrugs. “You both will.”
    — maybe 1st time venin tells via dreams To xaden that he will turn for love
    – Xaden POV: “I told you once that you’d turn for love,” he says, holding his arms out. “And so you shall.”
    — there are dreams Vi has not been privy to when venin have already told Xaden he’s turning for love. So there’s def more info Xaden knows or has figured out. That’s why he says do us a favor and don’t ask when she asks about how he knows (venin expecting them to do honorable thing and go to Samara aid melgren. As well as they are coming for him)
    Def think that since venin share a mind, they are communicating to them via dreams. Vi just happens to not have noticed what and how her second signet works

    1. Addressing this bit by bit:
      – I believe it too. I do not think Violet can be drained. She has been drained already in her mother’s womb.
      – I think Violet can stop time or slow it down, but she doesn’t realise it yet.
      – I see what you mean now. I got a bit confused before with the prev comment, but now I see what you mean. Reading it over and over again and I really do get your point. I do wonder why Yarros said anything about Varrish. Varrish is dead. 10000% dead. So why bring him into this? Clearly when she’s awake she’s not on the field or in the cell (she makes that obvious). I wonder if it’s just a hint that she’s sometimes dreaming of Varrish and the cell…or if there is more to this.
      – Def one of them. Which one do you think? It feels like he is talking to her tho. She was the one who slayed the venin in Resson really.
      – Ok, so you feel like Violet is maybe dream walking into more than Xaden’s dreams. Like Jack’s? Btw did you see my theory on Violet’s second signet? That I think she has dream sight?
      – But then why are we bouncing between dreams? I’m confused now. I need to read them again and again and again until I fully understand whose dream could Violet be seeing.

      – I know the venin was telling Xaden he will turn for love. And then we see it in real life that it happened. So basically it feels like Violet can almost dream the future and gives others access to the dreams. Or something?!
      In nightmare 3, the venin does mention love to Xaden

      “And you won’t do it for something as trite as power or as easily satiable as greed,” he promises in a whisper, “but for the most illogical of mortal emotions— love. Or you’ll die.” He shrugs. “You both will.”(Iron Flame, Chapter 52) -> Is this the one you feel like it could be Jack’s dream? Or do you feel like Violet sees a little of everyone’s dreams? Sorry, I think your theory is fantastic I just want to make sure I get it 100%. <3

  10. – Def one of them. Which one do you think? It feels like he is talking to her tho. She was the one who slayed the venin in Resson really.
    > feels like talking to Vi here. Agree

    – Ok, so you feel like Violet is maybe dream walking into more than Xaden’s dreams. Like Jack’s? Btw did you see my theory on Violet’s second signet? That I think she has dream sight?
    > yes. I think that the 3rd dream is a back and forth – different minds/ memories past/ future, depending on what this all ends up meaning (Aligned with your other post) 😉 I think that’s why it changes scenery cause it’s not just one person’s ‘dream’/mind.
    So answering your next questions, yes I think it’s a bit of Jack’s dream too. Overall, not sure about these being dreams or venins pushing/ communicating directly. So I guess there’s that also. So if it’s the venins pushing/communicating, she can read minds even when far away (more powerful than Xaden that seems it’s just the close by he can ‘read). I can’t imagine Xaden or Vi bringing wards down. So that’s why I thought it was a jumping around dreams/minds of diff people. Otherwise, if it’s not the venin communicating, she’s clearly then predicting the future as well as seeing other’s peoples memories(past). Xaden never talks about his other encounters with the venins he kills. So the dreams we think are Xaden, might be memories of his other encounters when Vi is not there. What do you think? Am I super over analyzing all of this? 🤣🤣🤣

    1. If her dream is a lot of back and forth then that would make a loooot of sense actually! Really complex to grasp it at first, but actually it does make sense.
      And yes, that’s exactly it. It feels to me like there is always a different venin, different robes, different scenery. And it makes sense for her to be a “dream walker”. Kinda have the sight for it.

      If it’s not venin communicating, then yeah, I also think she’s kinda predicting the future. Because if you remember what I said about the dream sight based on the anime, dream sight people can see the past, present and future with their dreams. That’s a pretty badass thing!
      I think I’m happy to discuss it with you. I’m overanalyzing everything and honestly, I cannot wait for book 3 so…you are def on the same page here. 😀 haha

      1. Glad to have found this page. Thank you! I can’t wait for the next book either. I keep re reading and looking for passages when random theories pop in my head. Obsessed LOL

        What other books do you recommend meanwhile?

        1. Sole, not going to lie to you. I read and read and read and nothing filled the void. But there are some that helped me a little.

          I’m not a Sarah J Mass fan so it was very hard for me to appreciate ACOTAR. But I know many people swear by it.
          I liked From Blood and Ash (somewhat) but I LOVED Flesh and Fire series. Nyktos for me, is one of the best book boyfriends.
          The Serpent and the Wings of Night was also good. I was surprised by just how much I liked it.
          Legendborn is brilliant but is not new adult. So no spice. But it’s a good story. It ran like a movie in my head.
          Broken Bonds is spicy as hell! Interesting concept.

  11. Btw I think the reason why there’s back and forth is because she hasn’t mastered the signet. So it’s all over the place, same as with her other signet.

    1. I agree with you on this. I’m really starting to love the idea that she’s seeing more than just Xaden’s dreams.

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