Explore the fascinating creatures of ‘Fourth Wing and Iron Flame’ in this section. Discover the unique traits and behaviors of Venin, Wyverns, Gryphons, and more. This wiki offers a glimpse into the diverse and magical beings that populate the world of the Empyrean Series.

Note that dragons have their own dedicated category.

  • Cibbelair Gryphon

    Cibbelair Gryphon

    Name Cibbelair Nickname Cibbe Creature Gryphon Flier Luella Status Dead About Cibbelair Cibbelair is a Gryphon with silver-specked wings and fawn-and-ochre haunches. Her flier, Luella falls to her death when the group is crossing the mountain on the way to Aretia. After her riders’ death, Cibbe is grabbed by a wyvern and pulled in to… Continue reading

  • Dajalair


    Name Dajalair Creature Gryphon Flier Maren Physical Appearance Dajalair is a brown-and-white gryphon. She’s surefooted and a little temperamental. According to her flier, Daja might not want to admit it, but she’s a lowland girl. Continue reading

  • Fliers


    Fliers are the bonded cadets with gryphons. Fliers are to gryphons what riders are to dragons. This partnership defines their identity and role within the series​​. Abilities While fliers might not wield signets like their dragon-riding counterparts, they possess lesser-magic gifts, often involving mindwork. This gives them an advantage in certain aspects of magic over… Continue reading

  • Venin


    About The term Venin or Dark Wielders is often associated with folklore and myth. However, as the narrative unfolds, it becomes evident that these creatures are as real as the dragons and gryphons that inhabit the world. Venin or Dark Wielders are unique in their ability to draw power from the ground, a stark contrast… Continue reading

  • Wyvern


    About Wyverns, often considered creatures of folklore (Fables of the Barren), turned out to be very real indeed. Similar to dragons but larger, wyverns are distinguished by their two-legged form as opposed to the four-legged dragons. They possess a mane of razor-sharp feathers running down their necks and, alarmingly, they have a predilection for human… Continue reading

  • Gryphons


    Seven gryphons together make for a full drift. Physical Appearance Gryphons are half lion, half mount creatures with dark brown feathers. They are all about the beak and claws. The gryphons are about a foot taller than Xaden, and have razor-sharp beaks. Abilities Gryphons, just like dragons, can also channel powers. Bonds Gryphon’s humans are… Continue reading


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