Dive into the world of dragons in ‘Fourth Wing and Iron Flame’. This section is dedicated to the majestic and mysterious dragons that play a vital role in the series. Learn about their different types, abilities, and the unique bond they share with their riders. From their fiery breath to their ancient wisdom, discover everything about these iconic creatures that are central to the Empyrean Series’ magic and mythology.

  • Malla


    Name Malla Colour Red Tail Scorpiontail Rider Nyra Voldaren Continue reading

  • Gaothal


    Name Gaothal Meaning in Gaelic Wind Rider Cianna Continue reading

  • Cruth


    Name Cruth Colour Unknown Tail Unknown Rider Quinn Meaning in Gaelic Figure Meaning in Old Irish Shape, Form Cruth is a dragon bonded to Quinn. The signet ability manifested by his rider is astral-projection. Quinn can also astral project as someone else. She is able to change her appearance slightly but it’s much easier in… Continue reading

  • Black Dragons

    Black Dragons

    Black dragons in the Empyrean Series are depicted as extraordinarily rare and fascinating creatures with several unique characteristics. Examples of Black Dragons Riders Signet Tairn Violet Sorrengail Lightening Codagh General Melgren Seeing the outcome of battle Intelligence and Cunning Black dragons are described as the smartest and most discerning among dragons. Their cunning nature is… Continue reading

  • Cuir


    Name Cuir Name in Gaelic To Place/To Put Colour Green Rider Bodhi Signet via Rider Countersignet Continue reading

  • Glane


    Name Glane Meaning in Gaelic Clean/Pure Colour Orange Tail Daggertail Rider Imogen Continue reading

  • The Empyrean

    The Empyrean

    The initial six riders, potentially a seventh as suggested by the Iron Flame’s development, were driven by a fierce determination to safeguard their people, leading them to the dragon’s lair. The initial dragons that established a bond formed the foundation of the Empyrean. This role has since been hereditary, traditionally passing to the oldest dragon… Continue reading

  • Breugan


    Name Breugan Name in Gaelic Lies Colour Orange Tail Daggertail Bonded Rider Professor Carr Signet via Rider Fire Continue reading

  • Marbh


    Name Marbh Type of dragon Orange Type of tail Daggertail Name meaning in Gaelic Dead Human Brennan Sorrengail (Brennan Aisereigh) Signet Mending Continue reading

  • Solas Dragon

    Solas Dragon

    Name Solas Name meaning in Gaelic Light, brightness, enlightenment First appearance Iron Flame Colour Orange Tail Daggertail Rider Burton Varrish Status Dead Background Solas is the dragon bonded to Major Burton Varrish. He toys with his future victims, and one time he burnt one first-year cadet, and at least half of the Third Squad. He… Continue reading


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