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Iron Flame Theory – Violet’s second signet is dream-sight

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Written by: Cory

Iron Flame theory - Violet has dream sight

Empyrean Series fans, please gather around because I finally figured out Violet’s second signet. And I am so certain of it, it’s unreal.

To get you excited, I would like to mention that Violet’s second signet has something to do with her ability to share Xaden’s dreams. And yes, I know we’ve talked about it but I think I figured it out what it means for her, why this is a crazy good power to have and how she will use it.

With this power, Violet will be able to be even more powerful than Melgren. And beautiful Liam? Oh Liam in that torture chamber? Oh that just makes sense right now.

Once I told you all of this, you will want to go back and re-read Iron Flame, guaranteed. Because EVERYTHING changed.

Where did the dream sight come from?

Before we start, I want to tell you the background story of how I figured it how, and it’s thanks to an anime.

The weather is very cold here in the UK and I’ve been feeling a little down lately, so I treated myself with tea, lots of snacks and a good series online. The series? My Happy Marriage, an anime based on the novel series written by Akumi Agitogi and illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka.

I know what you are thinking. Cory, what does an anime have to do with our Violet Sorrengail in the Empyrean Series? I’m so glad you asked.

In My Happy Marriage, the protagonist seems to have a lot in common with Violet. A childhood where only one of the parent was somewhat available until they died. A parent who is too busy with power rather than love for the child. A parent who sacrifices the child and sends her against her will to do something… etc etc

But then, the child turns out to be very special indeed. In My Marriage, the main character called Miyo has dream sight. And once I tell you what it does, you’ll realize how relevant this is to Violet.

What is dream sight as a signet?

Dream-Sight is a powerful power over a person’s sleep. Dream-Sight enables a person to manipulate the minds of others. For the purpose of using this as a signet, I will explain what Miyo can do in the anime. And you will imediately see how crazy useful this is going to be for our Violet.

Dream-Sight is a versatile ability that can be used for clairvoyance, locating missing items, and altering dreams.

Clairvoyance – is literally what Andarna can do. She waited to hatch for sooo long for Violet. And she knew Violet will become a rider. And this ability? WAY better than what Melgren has. From the most powerful, Melgren is pretty puny in comparison.

Locating missing items? Well hello written research and other works her dad did in the past. With her ability, she can located things. Remember her dreams of her dad in Fourth Wing? Oh yes, I bet it’s all coming to you. Her dad was telling her things through her dreams!!! She was already bonded to Andarna. Coincidence? I think not.

Altering dreams – Well well well…this is going to be a crazy cool feature indeed. She might confuse the enemy. Or might extract information. Alter the past and the future. Or even alter Melgren’s visions.

Users of this skill can view events from the past, present, and future during their sleep, making it a more powerful tool than many other similar abilities, such as Melgrens’ skill in foreseeing battle outcomes. OMG! A type of inntinnsic indeed. Excuse me, but didn’t our girl Violet say she needs to know everything? At all times? Information keeps her grounded. Well Violet, you shall have all the information at your finger tips!

Additionally, individuals with Dream-Sight can enter and change the dreams of any sleeping person, including themselves. Since everyone sleeps, this means they can influence anyone’s mind, regardless of their strength. It’s even possible to brainwash others using this skill by guiding them to perform specific actions or correct their mistakes while appearing as a deity in their dreams.

Can you take a moment to imagine how useful would this be for someone like Violet who needs to save Xaden? To keep HIM in check?

Violet’s second signet is dream sight

Is there any evidence that Violet’s second signer is dream sight?

Oh there is plenty. And I promise I will edit this article and bring you quotes to make it easier to see what I mean. But for now let’s focus on two of the most important things.

The dreams that she shares between her and Xaden? She either entered Xaden’s dreams or the venin’s dreams. Either way, she was uninvited there.

Do you remember how she is being dismissed when she asks Tairn if he saw her dreams? OH, I think that is so relevant. Because I think more than ever dreams are relevant. Because they are not just dreams. They are her signet being activated.

Do you remember Liam? She can talk to people from the past in her dreams. She was delusional. She can alter even her own dreams. That and I still think Liam was really sent back to her as a kindness from Malek because I still think Malek is her dad.

Do you remember in Fourth Wing how she dreamt of her father? I think she will have a lot more of these dreams. And given that both her parents are now dead with a lot of information missing, she will have to connect with the past via dreams somehow.

“They can see all of the past, present, and future in their sleep” which to me, means she will be able to get all her answers.

And I think Onyx Storm is going to be a lot cooler and full of action then. She will have to work on both her signets. But this dream sight? I think she will have to work on it without anyone else knowing she has it. Chances are, she is a type of inntinnsic. And very likely we will introduce more inntinnsics in Onyx Storm.

Alright, over to you now. What are your thoughts? I cannot wait to see what you think about this.

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12 responses to “Iron Flame Theory – Violet’s second signet is dream-sight”

  1. Like this theory but I don’t think she needs to be asleep so what would it be called? Also, maybe this is another Easter egg when Imogen asks her while watching Sloane in the mat sparring ‘you suddenly develop Melgren’s signer over there?’

    Also wonder if anybody with a connection to venin gets intinnsic signets. Since they share a collective mind, this is something of the person that gets amplified. I think Xaden’s mom was venin. Wonder about the boy that got killed in 4th wing? Violet. Didn’t Violet also say she wouldn’t be surprised if Melgren took a mask off and underneath was vennin? Dain, I think his father is. Varrish his signet seems like a type of intrinsic too, being able to read weaknesses of people.

    1. Also wonder if anybody with a connection to venin gets intinnsic signets -> I love this theory actually.
      And yes, you are right…‘you suddenly develop Melgren’s signer over there?’ -> this could very well be an Easter Egg!

      I think Xaden’s mom was venin. > I think she is the Goddess Dune 😛
      Didn’t Violet also say she wouldn’t be surprised if Melgren took a mask off and underneath was vennin? YUP!
      Dain, I think his father is. > DEF!
      Varrish his signet seems like a type of intrinsic too, being able to read weaknesses of people. -> YES! and he was def venin as well

  2. Hi, about the second signet well… I think she is a slayer because Tairn said when she killed Varrish‘s dragon slayer. but the dream sight theory ist bad either. But a signet represents who you are from the inside this is gonna get interesting 😉

    1. I think it’s going to be so good to see who Violet really is!

  3. I don’t think it would be the signet from Andarna. At the time of her first dream, Andarna was still asleep

    1. But still bonded to her. Do you think that the dragon needs to be awake and active for this to work?

  4. “I need you to roll this fucker off you in three—” I start. “Rhi!” I shout out loud, taking aim. “Two.”
    She glances back, then throws her body flat between Tairn’s shoulders, and I reach forward, grasping her ankle and pulling the lever without hesitation. “One!”

    – the first lines to Rhi in this are italic. Was she speaking to Rhi like she speaks to Xaden? Fully inntinnsic then?!!

    1. BTW, I was out on my first vacation. Sorry for the delay in approving these and answering.

      Wait, I thought she was just talking to Tairn there?

      1. You’re right. It’s just that she didn’t say anything else out loud to Rhi so for a minute there I was like wait, did she communicate to Rhi what to do ?

        1. Oh thank God, because I think that would be super dangerous if she went around talking to people like that. EVEN if that’s just Rhi.

  5. Hi Cory, this is a great theory and makes sense-but the only flaw is that surely to influence dreams, she or the other person have to be asleep? It would be cool but if they were not asleep, it would basically be altering their current subconsciousness to change the outcome of their dreams, as it’s unlikely that the venue will suddenly fall asleep in front of her and that influencing a venins dream would help that much. However I do get that this is not the main point and that it is her own dreams that are the main alteration.

    I think personally that her signet is something to do with wielding distance or time. Time is an easy one, as it was what andarnas gift was, but I feel like it wouldn’t make enough of a plot as she already has been able to stop time. Distance wielding however would make sense. In chapter 56, Violet asks Xaden if he is a distance wielder, and he says,” there hasn’t been one in centuries, and don’t you think if I was one, I would’ve spent every night in your bed”. It may seem like a passing comment, but when has Yarros ever made a ‘passing comment’ in one of her books? Never. Then, in chapter 64, Aaric says, “Damn, sorrengail, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you run so fast!”, and I think that here, violets signet power activated as she needed to reach the ward stone. This is also significant as she needs the power to outrun venin. My final theory on how this signet could be useful is a bit far-fetched and links to the second part of what Xaden says, but here goes.

    Xaden is venin, and violet possibly can wield distances. Obviously, distance wielders can wield massive distances, as Xaden believes he would be able to go from Samara to Basgiath. What if Xaden joins venin as a spy, under the impression that Violet could see him every night so he could give her updates? This could make the storyline very interesting, as Xaden could betray Violet, or Violet could be found, or Xaden could end up loving venin. This is a bit far-fetched and took me way too long to write, so please reply with your thought!!

    1. It’s very possible. Many have expressed this as well in the original post Violet’s second signet. At this point, we are blind, aren’t we? We have so many clues but nothing that tells us for sure it’s this or that. With Xaden it was so much easier to realise that he is inntinnsic.

      I think it’s very possible that we need to separate them btw. We need to separate Xaden and Violet. But I think if she were a dream walker or whatever we might call her, it would be easier and safer for them to meet and communicate. But then again, Yarros doesn’t do safe does she?
      Many have suggested that Aaric will be the distance wielder. That could also make a lot of sense.
      BTW, I don’t think your theory is far fetched at all. It does make sense. If Violet is the distance wielder than your theory is bang on!

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