Abilities in Fourth Wing

  • Imbuing


    Imbuing is a process where riders transfer their power into objects, which is more than just a magical technique – it’s a deep skill that few can master. In the series, imbuing is often used for strengthening defences. Riders pour their power into things like alloys and medallions, which are then used to power up… Continue reading

  • Rebellion Relic

    Rebellion Relic

    The Rebellion Relic, a prominent feature in the Empyrean Series, is a distinctive mark borne by a group of individuals known as the Marked Ones. These marks, characterized by unique swirls and slashes, are more than mere physical attributes. They serve as historical reminders and conduits of power. Origins and Significance The Rebellion Relic traces… Continue reading

  • Signet


    A signet is the result of a rider bonding with their dragon. Some signets are rare and extraordinary, others are more common. Some signets are considered forbidden, and thus riders who develop them are executed. The signet is the result of the unique chemistry between dragon and rider. Signets say more about the riders than… Continue reading

  • Inntinnsic


    Signet Inntinnsic Ability To read minds Occurrence Rare Navarre Law Forbidden, capital offence Characters with this signet Jeremiah Inntinnsic Pronunciation: /ɪnˈtɪnsɪk/ Part of Speech: Noun Origin: Fictional, from the “Fourth Wing” series by Rebecca Yarros Definition: An Inntinnsic is a person with the ability to read minds without the need for physical contact. This ability… Continue reading


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