Meet the characters of ‘Fourth Wing and Iron Flame’ in our character wiki. Find out about their looks, unique powers, and signets. Learn about their connections with dragons and gryphons, their relationships with other characters, and some of their best quotes. This section gives you a closer look at everyone you’ll meet in the Empyrean Series books.

  • Ending of Iron Flame explained

    Ending of Iron Flame explained

    If you haven’t finished Iron Flame, please go and read it first, as this article will contain plenty of spoilers. You just finished Iron Flame and you are probably super confused. I know the feeling. I felt he same way so I went back and read the book again, and again, to really understand what… Continue reading

  • Is Xaden black?

    Is Xaden black?

    This question pops up all the time, and it’s natural to wonder if Xaden is black. After all, he is the main character, and our favorite shadow character in Fourth Wing. Did Rebecca Yarros create Xaden as being black or a different skin color? In this article, I will answer your question with quotes from… Continue reading

  • Neve


    Name Neve Rank Gryphon Flier, Third Year Appears in Iron Flame About Neve Neve is a third year Gryphon Flier, with short strawberry-blond hair and deep-set eyes. In Chapter Forty-Six of “Iron Flame”, during a training scene in Aretia where riders and fliers train together, Neve is seen sparring with Imogen. Their exchange involves precise… Continue reading

  • Bragen


    Name Bragen Character Gryphon Flier Rank Third year, driftleader Gryphon unknown Appears in Iron Flame About Bragen Bragen is a third-year leader, gryphon flier. He is described as a stocky one with the necklace of scars, he has brown eyes and vertical silver scars down his neck. Violet describes Bragen as the easiest of the… Continue reading

  • Kiandra


    Name Kiandra Rank Professor, Flier Appears in Iron Flame About Professor Kiandra Kiandra has an auburn braid. She is the professor of the gryphon fliers. Quotes “And as their guests,” the flier professor says, placing a hand on herample hip, “all fliers will abide by it.” A disgruntled murmur rollsthrough their half. “Is that clear?”“Yes,… Continue reading

  • Trager


    Name Trager Rank Gryphon Flier Appears in Iron Flame About Trager Trager is a tall gryphon flier guy with shoulder-length brown hair and crooked smile. He has a fight with Rhiannon during sparring, but Rhi wins in less than five minutes. Previously, Rhi punched Trager in the face because he made remarks about a border… Continue reading

  • Nicholai Panya

    Nicholai Panya

    Name Nicholai Panya Rank Lieutenant Quadrant Riders Quadrant Relationships Isar Panya (sister) Status Dead Nicholai Panya was a rider and Lieutenant, two years ahead of Violet Sorrengail’s class. He was described by Ridoc as having a great sense of humour. He was survived by his sister, Isar Panya. Continue reading

  • Isar Panya

    Isar Panya

    Name Isar Panya Rank Rider Wing and Section Second Wing, Tail Section Relationships Nicholai Panya (brother) Continue reading

  • Luella


    Name Luella Rank Gryphon Flier Gryphon Cibbelair Status Dead Appears in Iron Flame About Luella Luella is a small flier with pale, nearly white hair and freckles, hazel eyes. Her gryphon is called Cibbelair. According to Maren, she bakes really good cakes. Maren also describes her as the “nicest and smallest of us” when talking… Continue reading

  • Maren


    Name Maren Rank Flier Gryphon Dajalair Relationship Catriona Cordella (best friend) Physical Apearance Maren is petite for a flier, though still taller than Violet, with a heart-shaped face under dark hair woven into a long single braid that falls along the bronzed ochre skin of her neck. Continue reading


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