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RankGryphon Flier
Appears inIron Flame

About Trager

Trager is a tall gryphon flier guy with shoulder-length brown hair and crooked smile.

He has a fight with Rhiannon during sparring, but Rhi wins in less than five minutes. Previously, Rhi punched Trager in the face because he made remarks about a border village that’s allegedly turning away refugees.


“We’re going to start with a simple unlocking rune. Easy to build,
easy to test.” She glances between our lines.
“We can all unlock doors with lesser magic,” Trager notes.
“Of course you can.” Professor Trissa sighs. “But an unlocking rune
can be used by someone who doesn’t possess lesser magic. Now let’s go.
I expect your first runes woven before sunset.”


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