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Political SeatThe Assembly
LocationAretia, Tyrrendor Province
Appears inIron Flame

About Trissa

Trissa, a member of The Assembly in Aretia, Tyrrendor Province, is described as a petite woman with glossy black hair resembling a raven’s. Trissa has dark-brown eyes. She is characterized as quiet yet assertive, as evident in her interactions during Assembly meetings.

Trissa, as a Professor, has extensive knowledge about Tyrrish runes. Tasked to teach the riders about runes, she explains that runes are not merely decorative, but are strands of magic woven into geometric patterns for specific purposes. This process, known as ‘tempering,’ involves a wielder pulling from their power to create runes that can be placed into objects for immediate use or for later activation. Trissa underscores the importance of this skill, noting that it allows for the storage of magical power, akin to storing food for winter.


Runes,” Professor Trissa confirms. “Runes aren’t just decorative.
They’re strands of magic pulled from our power, woven into geometric
patterns for specific uses, then placed into an object, either for immediate
work or usage at a later date. We call the process ‘tempering’”.


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