Tyrrendor Province

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KingdomKingdom of Navarre
RoyaltyKing Tauri (Official)
Geographical LocationSouthernmost province

Tyrrendor is the southernmost and largest province within the Kingdom of Navarre. It shares its borders with Krovla, a province of the Kingdom of Poromiel.

Tyrrendor is characterized by hostile, mountainous terrain. It is bordered by the Emerald Sea to the west and the Actile Ocean to the south. The geographical layout of Tyrrendor, particularly the presence of the Cliffs of Dralor, serves as a natural protective barrier, rendering the region nearly impenetrable. The Cliffs of Dralor lift the entire province thousands of feet above the rest of the Continent.

Situated between the borders of Navarre and Poromiel is a military outpost known as Athebyne. This location serves as a meeting point for traders from both kingdoms, who convene on a quarterly basis to exchange goods such as meat, lumber, cloth, and agricultural products. This system of trade is made possible by the Trade Agreement of Resson.

Tyrrendor was the last province to join alliance and swear fealty to King Reginald. It was the only province to attempt secession. The secession was led by Fen Riorson, also known as The Great Betrayer.

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