• Elixir / Serum

    Elixir / Serum

    Poison Elixir / Serum Antidote Yes Property Dulls the connections to dragons and signet. Controls venin. Taste Pungent, earthy, floral The elixir or serum is a signet-blocking poison specifically designed to dull the connections between riders and their dragons, as well as their signets. It’s a significant development that the leadership is very proud of.… Continue reading

  • Fonilee Berries

    Fonilee Berries

    Fonilee Berries are a type of fruit that can induce sickness when consumed. They are found in the courtyard of the Basgiath War College, near to where Violet Sorrengail grew up. Fonilee berries grow on a vine. The fonilee vine looks deceptively like ivy as it winds up a tree trunk. Origin and History While… Continue reading

  • Types of Poisons

    Types of Poisons

    Poison Property Fonilee berries Induces sickenss Leighorrel mushrooms Hallucinogenic properties Zihna root Numbness Tarsilla leaves Blurry vision Bark of carmine tree Enfeebling Peels of walwyn fruit Impairing coordination Ardyce powder Mildly upsetting to the stomach Ground lillybelle Mildly upsetting to the stomach Ardyce powder mixed with lillybelle Disorients someone for a minute or two similar… Continue reading


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