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Are you excited about Onyx Storm and have thousands of questions? Let’s discuss the wildest Onyx Storm theories about venin, Violet and Xaden. Be careful, spoilers and dragons ahead!

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All the latest news, Q&A and articles about Onyx Storm, Iron Flame and Fourth Wing.

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Find out which dragon you would get during Threshing and what’s your signet! The best quizzes and test for the Fourth Wing and Iron Flame books.

Fourth Wing Quiz

15 intriguing questions that range from delightfully easy to devilishly tricky. This quiz is designed to challenge even the most dedicated fans.

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Iron Flame Quiz

16 captivating questions that span from simple to wickedly complex. This quiz is crafted to test the mettle of even the most ardent fans.

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Iron Flame Quiz – Extreme Edition

Extremely hard Iron Flame Challenge! This quiz is not for the faint of heart! Only true fans, who know every detail of Iron Flame, stand a chance.

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What is your Signet Ability?

Discover your unique power in the world of the “Fourth Wing” series with our “What is your Signet Ability?” quiz. Find out your signet now.

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Tairn looking menacing

What’s your Fourth Wing Dragon?

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey? Ever wondered which dragon from the Empyrean Series would choose you? Now’s your chance to find out!

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Take the quiz: Fourth Wing Casting - who should play

Who should be cast for Fourth Wing series?

It’s time to cast your vote to see who you’d like to play your favourite characters in the upcoming Fourth Wing TV series. Cast your votes here.

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