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How well do you know Iron Flame? (Extreme Edition)

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Written by: Cory

Iron Flame Quiz, Extreme Edition

Welcome to the Iron Flame Extreme Challenge! This quiz is not for the faint of heart, but for true fans who think they know everything about Rebecca Yarros’ Iron Flame. I’ve crafted a series of questions that will test your knowledge to the limits.

This isn’t just any quiz – it’s a gauntlet, a crucible designed for the bravest and the brightest, where only the true aficionados of the Empyrean Series can hope to triumph

From deep plot points to the tiniest details, this quiz requires more than just a casual read. It’s for those who have delved into every chapter, character, and twist of the Empyrean Series. So, if you’re ready to prove your expertise and show that you’re a true Iron Flame aficionado, let’s get started. Good luck – you’re going to need it!

How many isles are around the Continent?

Where is Tecarus' palace located?

Viscount Tecarus of Cordyn was named as heir by Queen…

Luella has a gryphon named…

The stone in Tecarus' palace was quarried from…

What’s alloy made of?

What colour is Cat's dress when Violet visits Cordyn?

Drake Cordella is Catriona's and Syrena's cousin. What is his rank?

Professor Kaori is the professor of dragonkind. He wrote a book. What is it called?

Andarna kills Solas. What does Tairn call her?


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