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Iron Flame Theory: Violet and Xaden are mates

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Written by: Cory

Iron Flame theory: Xaden and Violet are mates

Really excited to bring to you a new Iron Flame theory, this time proposed by another reader named Ollie.

They sent me the following text and I want to go in more details about it:

“This theory is written after reading Iron flame and contains spoilers. I’m kind of astonished there is no theory of Violet and Xaden being mated! It would explain their insane attraction, being able to talk to each other in their minds, sensing where the other person is… And as for Violets second signet…being able to heal herself? Brennan said it was way more difficult to heal himself, but that would be highly beneficial to Violet. Off course, her own body, but with Xaden now turned venin… Were he to be her mate, she’d be able to heal him or his soul?”

Mating Theory Between Violet and Xaden in the Empyrean Series

In the captivating world of the Empyrean Series, the characters of Violet and Xaden stand out, not just for their individual qualities but for the electrifying connection between them. And yes, we LOVE it!

Fans have speculated about the depth of their bond, especially given their unique abilities to communicate and sense each other’s presence. Of course, this could be due to their dragons’ connection, but what if there is more to it?

This has led to a thrilling theory: Could Violet and Xaden be mates, destined for each other by some magical or mystical force within the series?

Unraveling the Connection

Violet and Xaden’s relationship is intriguing. They share a form of communication that goes beyond words. This level of intimacy is rare and usually signifies a profound connection in fantasy literature, often seen in pairs fated to be together.

Moreover, their ability to sense each other’s location hints at a bond that is more than just emotional or psychological. In many fantasy realms, such connections are indicative of a deep, soul-level link, often associated with destined mates or deeply bonded pairs like dragon riders and their dragons, which are central to the Empyrean Series.

If you look at my other theory related to Violet and Xaden being Gods, then you will know that them being mated stands. Similar to how Hades and Persephone were, in a way, destined for each other.

The Power of Healing

Another compelling piece of evidence supporting the theory of their mating is Violet’s second signet power: healing. This ability is significant, not only because it is rare and valuable but also because it suggests that Violet might play a crucial role in Xaden’s fate, particularly considering his transformation into a venin.

The possibility that Violet could heal Xaden – or even his soul – adds a layer of potential redemption and transformation to their story. This not only increases the stakes of their personal narratives but also enriches the series’ exploration of themes like salvation, change, and the power of love.

And let face it, to save Xaden’s soul when we know that venin cannot be saved according to Nolon himself…well I think that does mean that love prevails, especially if there is a destiny there.

If Violet and Xaden are indeed mates, this revelation could dramatically shift the narrative dynamics of the series.

Such a development would add complexity to the plot, deepening existing conflicts and introducing new challenges for the characters to face together. Especially because, I think, Violet will have to lose a little bit of herself to save Xaden. I don’t know, just a hunch.

The Chemistry Between Characters

Let’s face it, the chemistry between Violet and Xaden is palpable. Their interactions, though fraught with challenges, are charged with an intensity that suggests a deep, possibly predestined affinity. The initial attraction despite them being enemies. The way their bodies call to one another. There is so much pointing to this, really.

So maybe, Yarros tried to point at a specific mating bond all along, but we have been just too busy with other theories to see the forest from the trees.

Fan Perspectives and Theories

While Ollie is the first to send me an official theory on this subject, some other readers in the comments have been pointing to subtle clues in their interactions, suggesting that the author has laid the groundwork for a revelation about their connection. Others speculate about how this bond might affect their allegiances and choices in the series, particularly given their complex backgrounds and the series’ focus on conflict and loyalty.

One fan, even suggested that since Cat is so good with runes, she might have a hold on Xaden…after all, venin or not, she just wants power.

As the series progresses, the advancement of Violet’s and Xaden’s relationship will undoubtedly be a significant point of interest. If they are destined mates, how will this impact their individual destinies and the larger plot? Will their bond be a source of strength, or will it bring new vulnerabilities into their lives? And importantly, how will it affect the balance of power in the series’ universe?

The potential for Violet to heal Xaden could also lead to crucial plot developments. If she can heal his venin nature, it might not only save him but could also have wider implications for the conflicts that drive the series’ plot. This would not only be a dramatic turn in their personal stories but could also shift the trajectory of the entire series.

Thank you, Ollie, for bringing this to me. I love all fan theories and if you have your own, please make sure to submit it!

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2 responses to “Iron Flame Theory: Violet and Xaden are mates”

  1. The theory that intrigued me suggests that together their signets can return things to their original state – like when Violet made lightning, Xyden used shadows for protection, and turned glass into sand (from which glass is made). Similarly, could they together return energy back to the earth?

    1. That would be pretty sweet!

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