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Nolon Colbersy, the mender in the Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros
NameNolon Colbersy
RankColonel, Mender
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
Age84 in Fourth Wing
85 in Iron Flame
RelationshipsWinifred (spouse)
Violet Sorrengail (notable patient)
Jack Barlowe (notable patient)

Physical Appearance

Nolon has bright white teeth and a brown skin.

Political View

Nolon has openly expressed his disagreement with the conscription of rebellion leaders’ children. He firmly believes that these young individuals shouldn’t bear the burden of their parents’ actions. It’s a well-established fact that the Basgiath War College has never enforced conscription for the Riders Quadrant. Nolon insists that these children should not have been treated differently.

Relationship with Violet Sorrengail

The relationship between Nolon and the protagonist, Violet is complicated. Nolon has mended Violet for many years and has expressed he is fond of her. With almost every interaction, Nolon shows kindness towards Violet.

During the squad challenge, Nolon aids Violet in her and her squad mates escape. He leaves a window open for her so she can find a way out of the cell. However, he does betray Violet, just after she manages to steal the two journals related to raising wards from the archives.

Before having her arrested, Nolon tells Violet:

“I never like to see you hurt […] But I can’t protect you from the consequences of your own actions when you risk the safety of every civilian in this kingdom.” 

Relationship with Jack Barlowe

Nolon spends months trying to mend Jack Barlowe’s soul. It is implied within the book that Nolon is aware of Jack’s condition and the fact that he is venin. It is assumed that the elixir to sever the bonds between riders and dragons was created specifically to keep Jack at bay, while Nolon uses his signet to try and mend his soul.

Nolon is unsuccessful in his endeavour, and Jack Barlowe remains venin.

Notable Correspondence

We have tried every method we know of, as you requested. There is no cure. There is only control. – Missive from Lieutenant Colonel Nolon Colbersy to General Lilith Sorrengail

Please note that the above correspondence was sent to General Lilith Sorrengail in the past, when Nolon was still a Lieutenant Colonel. In Iron Flame, he is being addressed as Colonel Nolon.

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  1. Nolon’s rank is Lieutenant Colonel in the missive cited at the beginning of the last chapter of Iron Flame. You’ve listed “rider” as a rank here. Do we know Nolon’s actual rank at the beginning of Fourth Wing?

    1. We find it in iron flame that he’s colonel. Promise to update all the wiki within the next couple of weeks. I’ve been doing lots of work on theories and I know I’m lagging a bit behind!

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