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Lilith Sorrengail

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Lilith Sorrengail - Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros

Lilith Sorrengail, Fourth Wing, Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros.

NameLilith Sorrengail
FamilyViolet Sorrengail (Youngest Daughter)
Mira Sorrengail (Eldest Daughter)
Brennan Sorrengail (Only son)
Mr Sorrengail, official name unknown (Spouse)
SignetPower of Storms Wielder


When Lilith was pregnant with Violet, she suffered a serious fever which she believes was at fault for giving Violet’s her chronic illness. During her pregnancy she was stationed at Basgiath as an instructor while her partner, Violet’s dad, as a scribe.

Before the death of her spouse, she was softer and kinder with her family.

Physical Description

Lilith is tall, strong, and muscular. She has a golden-brown hair sheared short for combat. She carries an arrogant look.


Lilith can wield the power of storms. She is efficient.


Lilith is currently a General serving the Kingdom of Navarre. She is the one who captured Fen Riorson, Xaden Riorson’s father, known as the Great Betrayer.

Lilith took a firm stand against General Melgren’s actions by penning a letter to King Tauri. In her correspondence, she expressed her belief that the children of rebellion leaders should not be subjected to the traumatic experience of witnessing their parents’ execution. She made her stance clear, asserting that no child should ever have to endure the sight of their parents’ death.

Lilith’s office

Lilith’s office is situated within the confines of the Basgiath War College. The interior of the office is elegantly furnished, featuring a couch upholstered in rich crimson fabric. Dominating the office space is a desk, its surface impeccably maintained and free of clutter. The desk itself has massive legs intricately carved into the shape of dragons.


Lilith Sorrengail sacrifices herself to save her children. She asks Sloane Mairi to use her siphoning signet and imbue the wardstone in Basgiath, needed to raise the wards and keep venin at bay. Lilith Sorrengail dies in Iron Flame.


Most generals dream of dying in service to their kingdom. But you know me better than that, my love.
When I fall, it will be for one reason only: to protect our children. – RECOVERED, UNSENT CORRESPONDENCE OF GENERAL LILITH SORRENGAIL

We have tried every method we know of, as you requested. There is no cure. There is only control. – MISSIVE FROM LIEUTENANT COLONEL NOLON COLBERSY TO GENERAL LILITH SORRENGAIL

Lilith Sorrengail Quotes

“The love of my life was a scribe.”

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