Iron Flame

  • The Aretia Accord

    The Aretia Accord

    The Aretia Accord is a formal agreement that outlines the structure and organization of military units, particularly focusing on the integration of dragon riders and gryphon fliers together. Article Two, Section One of the Accord specifies that riders will maintain their wings, sections, and squads, along with their command structures. A significant aspect of this… Continue reading

  • Rybestad Chest

    Rybestad Chest

    The Rybstad Chest is a metal chest the size of an armoire. This item belonged to Fen Riorson. It is considered a great treasure and it was brought to Poromiel when Fen negotiated Xaden’s engagement with Catriona. Xaden confirms that the Rybestad chest was the most valuable items his father owned. Thanks to the runes… Continue reading

  • Battle Brief

    Battle Brief

    Battle Brief is where cadets discuss past and current military events, happening across Navarre. They discuss and understand such events in great detail. Mentioned in Battle Brief have been: and many more Battle Brief is being taught by Colonel Lewis Markham and Professor Devera. Continue reading

  • Alloy


    The alloy is the material that can kill dark wielders. It is the same material that can power the wards. The alloy is made of an amalgamation of Talladium, a few other ores, and dragon eggshells. Dragon egg shells are metal and still carry magic long after the dragons hatch. Continue reading

  • Tyrrish knots (Runes)

    Tyrrish knots (Runes)

    Basgiath is built on runes but the Basgiath War College doesn’t teach runes at school. They are considered a Tyrrish custom which has been mostly lost after the unification. Runes hold wielded power woven for set purposes. Runes are a skill the Tyrrish once controlled and perfected, but it was banned a couple hundred years… Continue reading

  • Elixir / Serum

    Elixir / Serum

    Poison Elixir / Serum Antidote Yes Property Dulls the connections to dragons and signet. Controls venin. Taste Pungent, earthy, floral The elixir or serum is a signet-blocking poison specifically designed to dull the connections between riders and their dragons, as well as their signets. It’s a significant development that the leadership is very proud of.… Continue reading

  • Wardstone


    A Wardstone is a magical object made of alloy capable of empowering wards, thus preventing any magic within them except that of dragons and their riders. Wardstones naturally possess limited protective boundaries, but with additional magic and alloys, these boundaries can be extended. There are currently two known Wardstones: one located at the Basgiath War… Continue reading

  • Luminary


    A Luminary is a powerful and rare artefact with the unique ability to intensify dragonfire to extreme temperatures. This heightened heat is crucial for smelting special alloys to forge the only known weapons capable of defeating Venin. Within the series, two Luminaries are acknowledged: one resides at the Basgiath War College, and the other is… Continue reading

  • Public Notice 628.86

    Public Notice 628.86

    “In this, the 628th year of our Unification, it is hereby recorded that Aretia has been burned by dragon in accordance with the Treaty ending the separatist movement. Those who fled, survived, and those who did not remain entombed in her ruins.” – Transcribed by Cerella Neilwart Continue reading

  • The Codex

    The Codex

    The Codex is the rule book for the Riders Quadrant. It is a fraction of the length of any other divisions. Article One, Section One A dragon without its rider is a tragedy. A rider without their dragon is dead. Article Two, Section Three Impersonating a commissioned officer is a punishable offence. Article Three, Section… Continue reading


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