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The Codex

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The riders Codex

The Codex is the rule book for the Riders Quadrant. It is a fraction of the length of any other divisions.

Article One, Section One

A dragon without its rider is a tragedy. A rider without their dragon is dead.

Article Two, Section Three

Impersonating a commissioned officer is a punishable offence.

Article Three, Section Two

It’s an executable offence to attack any cadet while sleeping.

Article Three, Section Six, Addendum B

A rider may only bring to the quadrant the items they can carry, and they shall not be separated from those items, no matter what they may be. For once, carried across the parapet, they are considered part of their person.

Article Three, Section Unknown

It is unlawful for a rider to cause another harm while in a quadrant formation or in the supervision of a superior-ranking cadet, as it will diminish the efficacy of the wing.

Article Unknown

People within the same squad cannot kill each other.

Article Four, Section One

That all cadet belongings are subject to search at the discretion of command

Article Four, Section Two

Discipline of a cadet falls to their chain of command before being brought to cadre.

Article Four, Section Three

Without cause and calling a quorum of wingleaders, other Riders Quadrant leaders cannot be harmed.

Article Five, Section Seven

Though not forbidden, cadets are strongly encouraged not to develop strong romantic attachments while studying in the quadrant for the efficiency of the unit.

Though the chain of command may be consulted, the final say in any academic punishment or repercussion lies with the commandant’s office.

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