Fourth Wing

  • Battle Brief

    Battle Brief

    Battle Brief is where cadets discuss past and current military events, happening across Navarre. They discuss and understand such events in great detail. Mentioned in Battle Brief have been: and many more Battle Brief is being taught by Colonel Lewis Markham and Professor Devera. Continue reading

  • Alloy


    The alloy is the material that can kill dark wielders. It is the same material that can power the wards. The alloy is made of an amalgamation of Talladium, a few other ores, and dragon eggshells. Dragon egg shells are metal and still carry magic long after the dragons hatch. Continue reading

  • Rebellion Relic

    Rebellion Relic

    The Rebellion Relic, a prominent feature in the Empyrean Series, is a distinctive mark borne by a group of individuals known as the Marked Ones. These marks, characterized by unique swirls and slashes, are more than mere physical attributes. They serve as historical reminders and conduits of power. Origins and Significance The Rebellion Relic traces… Continue reading

  • Treaty of Aretia

    Treaty of Aretia

    Addendum 4.2, The Treat of Aretia Regarding the 107 innocents, the children of the executed officers, they now bear what is referred to as the rebellion relic, transferred by the dragon that executed the king’s justice. In a demonstration of our great king’s mercy, they will all be conscripted into the esteemed Riders Quadrant at… Continue reading

  • War Games

    War Games

    War Games are annual events that take place each spring and involve all cadets from every wing. These games are a part of the rigorous curriculum at Basgiath War College, designed to push cadets to their limits and test their abilities. The War Games are not merely playful competitions; they are intense and potentially lethal… Continue reading

  • Marked Ones

    Marked Ones

    Marked ones in the Empyrean Series are individuals who bear the Rebellion Relic on their skin. These relics, created by General Melgren’s dragon, are characterized by swirls and slashes. The presence of these marks signifies that the individual’s parents were involved in the rebellion. The rebellion is called the apostasy by the people from Tyrrendor… Continue reading

  • The Fables of the Barren

    The Fables of the Barren

    “The Fables of the Barren” is a proscribed tome that narrates grim folklore tales of venin and wyvern, creatures considered to be mythical. Violet Sorrengail possesses a copy of this book, a gift from her father, Mr Sorrengail. Given that no other copy exists in The Archives at the Scribes Quadrant, Violet swiftly discerns that… Continue reading

  • Treaty of Arif

    Treaty of Arif

    The Treaty of Arif is an agreement between Navarre and Krovla (Poromiel) for mutually shared airspace for both dragons and gryphons over a narrow strip of the Esben Mountains, between Sumerton and Draithus. Continue reading

  • Threshing


    Threshing takes place on October 1, every year, two days after Presentation. Threshing takes place as part of the Riders Quadrant set of tests in order for cadets to become riders. Threshing is held in the valley located beneath the citadel, just two days after the cadets have taken part in the Presentation. At Threshing,… Continue reading

  • Presentation


    The Presentation is an event that forms part of the assessments conducted at the Riders Quadrant. It offers cadets an opportunity to move closer to achieving their goal of becoming riders. The Presentation is an event where that year’s dragons, who are open to bonding with humans, get an opportunity to observe all the cadets.… Continue reading


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