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Tairn in the snow - Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros

I am excited to invite all fans of the Empyrean Series to share their creativity with our community! Whether you’re a budding artist or a wordsmith, this is your platform to showcase your love for the Empyrean Series through fan art, fan fiction and fan theories.

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Submission Guidelines:

  1. Originality: Your submission must be your original work and inspired by the Empyrean Series.
  2. Content Guidelines:
    • Fan Art: Please submit only digital images (JPG, PNG) of your artwork. Ensure that the images are clear and of high quality.
    • Fan Fiction: Submit your stories in a text format (Word document or PDF). 
    • Fan Theories: Submit your theories within the Google form provided. Please write a min of 500 words.
  3. Spoilers: If your work contains spoilers, please include a clear spoiler warning at the beginning.
  4. Credit: If your work is inspired by a specific scene or quote from the books, please mention this for context.
  5. Submission Process: Upload your work using the submission form below. Include your name (or pseudonym), a brief description of your work, and any relevant details.
  6. Review Process: All submissions will be reviewed before posting. I reserve the right to reject submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines.
  7. Rights: By submitting your work, you grant me the non-exclusive right to display it on the website and social media channels with clear credit to you!

Click here to submit your Empyrean Series Fan Art or Fan Fiction

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I can’t wait to see your interpretations and stories set in the world of the Empyrean Series. Let your imagination soar!

7 responses to “Submit Your Empyrean Series Fan Art, Fan Fiction or Fan Theories”

  1. ***Spoilers**”
    I’m not one who ever posts comments, so bear with me.

    I’m surprised I haven’t seen any theories or speculation regarding Xaden’s mother. A quote from chapter 58 of Iron Flame is as follows:

    “Where’s your mother?” He startles but quickly masks the reflex. “No one talks about her,” I continue. “There are no paintings, no references to her being at the Calldyr executions. Nothing. It’s like you were hatched and not born.” The moment stretches between us. “She left when I was young. Their marriage contract said an heir had to survive to the age of ten, and then she was free to go, which is what she did. I haven’t seen or heard from her since.” His voice sounds like he dragged it across broken glass.

    Who is Xaden’s mother? Where is she? Why did she leave? What is her background? Is she involved with the venin?

    1. WHERE is the mother? The only possibly for me is that she is a Goddess. I think she might be Dune actually.

    2. We’re DEFINITELY going to learn more about her in the next three books! I’m expecting her to show up in book #4 and to be hella powerful for good or evil.

    3. I have this theory about Xaden’s mom being general venin hear me out okay?
      So basically we learn tht she simply dissapears becuse the marriage cotract eneded, but you may think she has no lve for her son, but she made him a blanket and she was like the Queen of Tyrrendor so she had servants so she did not have to make the blanket. My idea is that she accepted the marriage contract in order to get near Fen Riorson, but when she saw her son she loved him ( like all of us, like who does not) but she left. When Lilith says in the meeting for them to check the wyvern carasses and they find runes, who is good at runes Tyrrs where did she spend at least 10 years in? Tyrrendor so my guess is she learnt about the runes and thought they could bring back Wyvern.
      So that is it.

      1. I see it, I get it. Should we create a longer theory and publish this so everyone can see and comment?

  2. *******Spoilers Maybe?*******
    I just finished reading both books and while it’s fresh in my head, the theories about Violet and Xaden sharing Xadens dreams with him, makes sense but not really… when they were fighting at the end of Iron Flame, the Venin (cadets?) kept saying they were looking for violet and that she was meant to be taken alive. In the dreams, the Venin also talked about her lightning powers and if it was Xadens dreams, it wouldn’t be talking about her powers, but his.
    ALSO WHEN IS SHE GOING TO REMEMBER VIOLETS MOTHER ASKED VIOLET ABOUT HER FATHERS STUDIES AND THAT THEY WERE LOOKING FOR THE STUDIES HE WAS WORKING ON BEFORE HIS DEATH AND HOW VIOLET KNOWS ALL HIS STUDIES ARE IN A SECRET PLACE HIDDEN FROM EVERYONE. ITS OBVIOUSLY PART OF THE KEY TO THIS ALL. – pretty sure the mother said they were about the Venin too? It’s in the first book. It’s the one thing that really plays on my mind the whole time I read both books. The key was in what her mother said, but nothing ever comes from that obvious key scene.

    1. haha welcome here! So the dreams are very weird indeed and I have a new theory about it (will post it in 20 minutes on the site)
      And you are right, she really needs to revisit all the information her father was researching. It’s annoying to us that she’s not doing it right? But then, she is only 21, and she’s still finding her feet.
      From a quiet life she’s in all of this! With two dragons, mortal enemies, her parents both dead, her brother alive and her lover turned venin. We can forgive her for not focusing on other stuff.
      Of course, we cannot wait to see what was written in those diaries!

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