Submit Your Empyrean Series Fan Art or Fan Fiction

Tairn in the snow - Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros

I am excited to invite all fans of the Empyrean Series to share their creativity with our community! Whether you’re a budding artist or a wordsmith, this is your platform to showcase your love for the Empyrean Series through fan art and fan fiction.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Originality: Your submission must be your original work and inspired by the Empyrean Series.
  2. Content Guidelines:
    • Fan Art: Please submit only digital images (JPG, PNG) of your artwork. Ensure that the images are clear and of high quality.
    • Fan Fiction: Submit your stories in a text format (Word document or PDF). 
  3. Spoilers: If your work contains spoilers, please include a clear spoiler warning at the beginning.
  4. Credit: If your work is inspired by a specific scene or quote from the books, please mention this for context.
  5. Submission Process: Upload your work using the submission form below. Include your name (or pseudonym), a brief description of your work, and any relevant details.
  6. Review Process: All submissions will be reviewed before posting. I reserve the right to reject submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines.
  7. Rights: By submitting your work, you grant me the non-exclusive right to display it on the website and social media channels with clear credit to you!

Click here to submit your Empyrean Series Fan Art or Fan Fiction

If, for whatever reason, the form doesn’t work, simply email me on:
club [at]

I can’t wait to see your interpretations and stories set in the world of the Empyrean Series. Let your imagination soar!

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