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Onyx Storm by Rebecca Yarros
AuthorRebecca Yarros
SeriesBook 3, Empyrean Series
CountryUnited States
GenreFantasy / New-adult
PublisherRed Tower Books / Little, Brown Book Group
Publication dateJanuary 21, 2025
PagesTBC (Hardcover)
Preceded byIron Flame
Followed byEmpyrean Book 4

About Onyx Storm

Onyx Storm is a new adult fantasy novel written by Rebecca Yarros. Onyx Storm is book #3 from the Empyrean Series, preceded by Fourth Wing (book #1) and Iron Flame (book #2).

The book will be released on January 21, 2025. You can already preorder it online.

Onyx Storm is the highly anticipated third instalment in the Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros. The book, is set to be released in January 2025. It’s currently available to preorder in hardcover standard, deluxe version and kindle editions.

Onyx Storm promises to be a thrilling continuation of the Empyrean series, combining elements of politics, new adventures, old enemies and dragons, as said by Rebecca Yarros herself.

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Onyx Storm Synopsis

There are a few teasers already available, but the official synopsis has not yet been released.

We do not yet know why the book is called Onyx Storm but we do have theories about the title as well as predictions for this book.

What will the Onyx storm be about?

During interviews, Rebecca Yarros has mentioned that the following topics will be explored in Onyx Storm:

We will learn how to identify if someone is venin. This could be related to red around the eyes. The theory around the smells could also be at play here on how it corrupts people and dragons.

We will explore more about the process of how venin is created as well.

Details and information on the transformation of Jack Barlowe into Venin. We know from one of the last scenes in Iron Flame that Violet believes Jack turned right before their fight on the mat. Given that he was using his powers to inflict pain and raw power into her, and he had a red rim around his eyes, we know that it was before. He himself said that he couldn’t deal with Violet bonding Tairn, whom he really wanted. Rebecca Yarros confirmed that he was not happy with his selection, and she confirmed that infusing raw power into someone is not a natural signet.

We’ll learn how turning Venin will affect Xaden’s connection with Sgaeyl. We know from the last chapter from his point of view, that Sgaeyl was eerily quiet. We also know that Varrish was controlled, but his dragon was completely and utterly unhinged and unpredictable, similar to Baide too. We need to learn how Xaden turning venin will affect Sgaeyl, and in turn, Violet and Tairn.

Onyx Storm also promises more details on Xaden’s inntinsic abilities and how having a second signet without a second dragon didn’t drive him insane. We will learn more about how he stays in control.

Rebecca Yarros also confirmed that we will learn more about Xaden’s mother in the future, although she did not confirm whether this will be in Onyx Storm or in the next books.

Onyx Storm Theories

Share that Venin and Wyvern are real!

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  1. Danielle Dahlinger Avatar
    Danielle Dahlinger

    I wanted a place to share my thoughts and here seems as good as any. I’ve read and reread both books and here’s where I land.

    I think Onyx Storm will be a symbolic representation of the relationship between xaden and violet. I think we will learn their relationship is more than attraction turn love – their destinies have been interrwined for years before either entered the quadrant. While there will be manifestations that represent both onyx and storm the underlying theme will be the depth of their connection.

    With that I’ve come to believe violets second signet will be a type of intinssic, one we have not learned yet. Their paths have been parallel every step of the way. His need to keep secrets and her need to have full disclosure came full circle when she learned just how important secrets were when it came to the protecting the people she loved just as Xaden kept secrets to protect people he loved. She came to understand why xaden did what he did even though she hated it. When she learned xaden was intinssic that wheel started to turn again. I think she will learn she is also a type of intinnsic as a pathway for deeper understanding of xaden. AND her ability till be invaluable in saving Xaden soul.

    1. I think something has got to give when it comes to their very complicated relationship.
      Someone suggested just yesterday that Violet’s second signet is the ability to be the type of inntinnsic that allows her to channel facts directly from the source (aka the dead, the ones who came before, the actual source). So it’s a good chance she is a type of inntinnsic. And there may be many, we just don’t know about them at all (YET).

  2. I thought maybe Violet’s second signet is the ability to create weather like her mother and that if she could create a storm she could also use her power more effectively. But wouldn’t her signet be connected to Andarna, who is the combined dragon, for lack of a better word? They couldn’t power the ward without Andarna, maybe her power is protection/healing/intention the way the ward works to kill enemies/protect those inside it.
    The main question is how to heal Xaden and defeat venin, which I’m sure is the whole third book. Surely runes will factor in majorly since that’s the venin source of magic. But who wields runes better than Cat? She might need to be the one to save Xaden by drawing out the venin power that’s taken him over since there’s no cure. Would she also influence him as she cures him to love her instead??
    Violet would need all her brains to get to the root of Andarna’s heritage, find a way to make the runes inaccessible to venin magic and save dragons from becoming wyvern. Maybe she’ll infiltrate more of the secrets of the dragon world/council? I’m hopeful the next book explores many more subplots.

    1. Runes will 10000% play an important role in Onyx Storm. I can so see it. My question is, will we use Cat to save Xaden in any way? I don’t think I want this, but I can see why she needs to continue to be in the book. I LOVE your twist in the tale. It’s incredible. It would throw a spanner for sure. UGH CAT!
      Another reader suggested that we will use Brennan. He already knows how to save a soul. Maybe because his own soul was saved by Naolin.

      1. I’m really trying to think like Yarros. She needs to keep our lovers apart to make her readers suffer lol, and Cat already had us annoyed but my prediction is book 3 will be downright painful. Cat craves power and won’t change easily. The descriptive rune lesson, many mentions how Cat is superior at it, her admitting Violet is powerful… those are important nuggets. She wants that crown, or some status at least. I think once Xaden is healed he won’t be free.
        Violet’s true signet is energy wielding, it happens to take the form of lighting. She can also sense powerful magic, how else did she know to open the lock in the interrogation room with the dagger? It was speaking to her.
        Cat has base magic, mind powers. What better villain to influence Xaden?
        Maybe his ultimate hope lies in Violet’s father’s private libraries that are scattered around the outposts where he worked as a scribe. He must have all the most important documents because this whole war already happened before and the answers for how to defeat venin are there. And Andara was born specifically for this, obviously. I predict book three will focus on history, poisons, runes, onyx crystals, magic (dragon eggshells and their secrets, hey I wonder if Andarna’s shell has specific magic? ) and the only way we’ll see Violet with Xaden is in dreams they share subconsciously. Because Yarros knows we romance nerds need it. Maybe Violet will win him back just by her true knowledge of him.
        Is Brennan good, BTW? Sgaeyl hates him, probably because of something with Naolin but there’s secrets there. Xaden has known Brennan all this time and there seems to be zero friendship there. He must know something. Also, will Sgaeyl sever her connection to Xaden?
        I love this thread and all the interesting predictions,so thank you for helping us all process a big hangover.
        One last thing, I can actually see Aaric featuring as a potential romantic subplot for Violet, look at his successes in year 1, his compassion, his shared history with Violet as kids and Xaden hates him! He’s kind of a hero. I mean it’s all there. He might be some serious temptation for her at least and have us all squirming. I’m only halfway through my second reread of Iron Flame and I’m trying to process all the threads that could be explored later. It is almost too much information at times but the Easter eggs are fun to find.
        Ultimately I believe Yarros is a romantic who is married to a former military man and has six kids IRL. She wants these two (Xaden, Violet) to have a happy ending it but it won’t be book 3! She wants Violet to save him, then save the continent, and be the hero of the series and no man will take that away. Violet’s brain is her best asset and that’s why I love her!

        1. What better villain to influence Xaden? -> Ugh Cheryl….ugh!!!!!!!!!!
          I also predict that book 3 will be all about runes indeed. Getting back to the basics.

          I DO NOT think Brennan is good. I’m sorry but he’s a villain in my story. 😀
          Someone else suggested this (re Aaric and Violet), wait let me find it. Here -> https://www.empyreanriders.com/articles/iron-flame-theory-aarics-blue-clubtail-to-become-andarnas-mate/
          Please let me know what you discover. I am also looking for new easter eggs.

          1. I’m sorry, I’m new to your site and didn’t realize how many fans have already speculated the same thoughts. You guys are on it! I love that idea of the Aaric’s dragon as a mate for Andarna! Especially down the line as Andarna goes through supposed dragon puberty lol.
            Now that I’m thinking of it…
            Maybe Naolin didn’t fully die? He’s a siphon, right? Venin leach the land like vampire/siphons. If he’s still alive as a prisoner, venin could be weaving his magic into runes which helps them siphon.
            Maybe the rune on Brennan’s wrist/palm makes it impossible for anyone to know his secret. Brennan faked his own death and only Tairn and Sgaeyl know what happened to Naolin. By association, Xaden must know but he is being held silent by the magic in the rune. If Violet only asks the right question, he is able to answer, “your brother is a venin. He holds the soul of Naolin, which is what drew Tairn even more closely to you. Only you could bring him down as you wield the sky, as foretold in the tales of old. That’s how I always knew you would be the most powerful rider. When you wielded lightning on a clear night when we kissed, it meant more than just your signet appearing. It was the beginning of a prophecy we’ve been waiting to be fulfilled.”
            I know I’m so out there but maybe there’s something to it?
            That creepy chest where the venin was held reminds me of the chest Mad Eye Moody was held on. Who knows what else is in there? And how long you can live in it?
            Now I’m really reaching, lol!
            Theories, theories.

          2. No no, you are very welcome here! There is so much similarity between venin and siphons?! Am I right?
            I can sense a theory here to be fair. All good points!!!

  3. I also agree that runes will play a vital role in Onyx Storm, especially when it comes to looking for ways to defeat the venin/possibly finding a way to reverse Xaden being a venin. The way I see it, runes were outlawed and erased in Navarre centuries ago and is now a lost art. So it would make sense that nothing the Navarrians have tried recently has been unsuccessful in curing the venin. Its no accident that when Mira cuts open the wyvern, runes fall out, and that Violet has been learning about them! I also have a feeling that Cat will play a role in this since its mentioned multiple times how she is the best in their year at runes. Now, whether or not she will actually be helpful or use Xaden being a venin to her own advantage, I’m not sure. While I want Xaden to be cured ASAP, I’m worried this is not going to be resolved until books 4/5. However, Yarros did mention in her variety article interview that “no one has found a cure for being venin, but no one has read book three either”. All I know for sure is that January couldn’t come fast enough!!

    1. IT’s going to be all about runes and I think we’re going to get so much friction between Violet and Cat. The funny thing is, by the end we don’t hate Cat anymore, do we? She just…is. Whatever, she saved Violet. Our guard is down now. But I think Cat will be so needed and she will come between Violet and Xaden over and over.

      I think Xaden’s cure will be dealt with by the end of book 4. So we can drag the adventure and the stress a little longer…Having said that, you are right! Yarros did say that. So maybe book 3 will be about discovery? And book about the actual cure?

  4. First I love reading through all these ideas! Second, since we are thinking that the title could relate to a ‘storm’ of wyvern that have been hiding away or Xaden or possibly Tairn. Random though here and probably not true but what if it is referring to a ‘storm’ of black dragons? Maybe they are hiding out in the aisles with Andarna’s breed. I just thought about this as a possibility as it has always been strange to me there are only 2 black dragons when there are tons of the other colours. Idk? Maybe i’m forgetting something to do with that lol.

    1. I would love it honestly but I think Tairn did make it quite clear that they are very rare. It would be cool to find some new black dragons on the isles tho…

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