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Book 3 release date, Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros

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Written by: Cory

Book 3 Empyrean Series Release Data Rebecca Yarros

The much-anticipated third book in Rebecca Yarros’ enthralling Empyrean Series, release date is January 21, 2025. This is the official, confirmed release date.

Rebecca Yarros made the short announcement on the TV Show Good Morning America and revealed not just the release date but the title of the new, 3rd book.

She said, book 3 in the Empyrean Series is called “Onyx Storm”.

Pre-orders for the book are open as of now, so head to Amazon or your favourite bookshop to get your hands on the 3rd book. There is also the Onyx Storm – Deluxe Limited Edition Hard Cover that’s also available for pre-order.

We are eagerly following any updates on the 3rd book and will update this article as soon as we have any news.

Why was the release date of the 3rd book pushed back from December 2024?

Rebecca Yarros said last year, during an interview:

“I’m respecting my limitations […] so that I can be healthy through all of it. So it’s going to write a little slower. But I have a release date, I just can’t tell you yet.”

Rebecca Yarros

Do you have a book hangover? Discuss the books with other fantasy fans at the Empyrean Riders Club.

Following the thrilling ride that was ‘Iron Flame’ in November 2023, fans have been champing at the bit for more. But, hold your dragons! Yarros, in a candid revelation, has shared that she’s pumping the brakes a tad, citing the all-too-familiar writer’s burnout. A year-long wait may seem torturous, but hey, good things come to those who wait, right?

Predictions for Book 3 Empyrean Series

I have plenty of predictions for book 3 and new theories too! Now, let’s talk about what’s eating every fan alive – the cliffhanger from Iron Flame. It was the sort of jaw-dropper that left us reeling, our minds buzzing with theories and what-ifs. The biggest burning question on everyone’s lips is: What’s the deal with Violet’s second signet? And who is THE General?

And then there’s Xaden. Oh, Xaden! Where will his journey take him in the next instalment? This character has been through the wringer, and it’s anyone’s guess what twists and turns lie ahead for him.

But perhaps the most intriguing enigma of all is Andarna, the dragon with more secrets than a royal treasury. What type of dragon is she? What’s the history of her line? These are the questions that have been keeping us up at night, tossing and turning in a sea of possibilities.

Book 3 Title – Confirmed

The title of the 3rd book has been announced: “Onyx Storm”.

I have theorised that the title of the book 3 will have something to do with Violet’s mysterious second signet or the cool abilities of Andarna. It’s like we all know these two elements – Violet’s signet and Andarna’s powers – are key to the story, and the title will give us a juicy hint about what’s next.

Check my article on Violet’s second signet.

As we all collectively deal with the hangover from Iron Flame, it’s time to start piecing together our theories. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newcomer to the series, there’s no denying the pull of Yarros’ storytelling. Her ability to weave a narrative that’s as rich as it is riveting is nothing short of magical.

Mark your calendars and start the countdown for January 21, 2025. This new release date gives us ample time to reread the first two books and get our tin foil hats on. Who knows? Maybe by then, we’ll have cracked some of these mysteries wide open. Until then, keep theorising, keep guessing, and most importantly, keep the excitement alive!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a 3rd book in the Empyrean series?

Yes, there will be a 3rd book in the Empyrean Series. The confirmed release date is January 21, 2025. Pre-order Onyx Story, the 3rd Book in the Empyrean Series now.
Rebecca Yarros previously said that she will reduce her pace slightly to prioritize the highest level of quality in Book 3 and to safeguard her health.

How many books will be in the Empyrean series?

There are a total of 5 books in the Empyrean Series, and we only have two of them out: Fourth Wing (released May 2023) and Iron Flame (released November 2023).
The upcoming 3rd book in called Onyx Storm (release date, January 21, 2025).

When was Iron Flame announced 2023 release date?

Fourth Wing was published in May 2023, and by July, we were already aware of the release date for Iron Flame, which was set for November 7th, 2023. It was quite a delightful surprise to have two books released within less than a six-month interval. Before the release of Iron Flame, we also received news that Amazon Prime was actively working on developing the Fourth Wing series.

Is Rebecca Yarros writing a third book?

Yes, Rebecca Yarros is currently writing the third instalment in the Empyrean Series. The book is called “Onyx Storm” and the release date is January 21, 2025.

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28 responses to “Book 3 release date, Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros”

  1. Calendar marked 😀. Thanks Cory. It does seem some time to wait, but I’m sure Dec 2024 will be on us before we know it. In the meantime, Waterstones has just taken payment for my Fourth Wing Special Edition – it should be with me next week. Can’t wait to read the Xaden chapters – I’m surprised I’ve not seen a leak to what parts they are yet😆.

    Is anyone tuning into the online Waterstones event with Rebecca next Tuesday (28th)? I’m going to see if she gives any clues to theories 🥰.

    1. Calendar marked as well. I won’t be able to attend it this time 🙁 but if you do and she’s giving away anything cool (fingers crossed) please please please let me know.
      Waterstones took the money for mine too. I desperately wanted a shiny red copy. Looks sooo pretty <3

      1. I’m a little late to the Empyrean saga…what is the special edition with Xaden chapters?

        1. Oh, so that’s in the Fourth Wing book. I believe eventually the author will release the chapters for free for us all to read.

          1. Any update on where we can get the Xaden chapters? I just finished both Fourth Wing and Iron Flame in less than a week, and NEED me some more of this magical fantasyland! I’m also considering re-reading the books…something I’ve never done with fiction before. LOVE THIS SERIES!

          2. Dearest Ashley, please please read the books again. I promise you will discover so much more once you give them a second read. It’s like a new world opens up, honestly.
            I don’t have an idea when Rebecca Yarros will release the Xaden POV to us all. I think January/February if I recall correctly.

          3. Thanks Cory – started re-reading Fourth Wing last night. You’re right – it opens up so much more and actually enjoying it. Thank you!! 💜

          4. I’m so glad you’re loving it too!

    2. Emma, hi, getting in touch with some news about the official release date. Rebecca Yarros and the team seem to have deleted the date from Goodreads and other mediums. Sadly, we are back in the dark with this one!

  2. More than a year??? Wow…that’s a lot tbh

    1. I’m kinda sad that we need to wait for so long, but at the same time, RY did say she needs to slow down a bit. It’s been a whirlwind.

  3. Where was this release date confirmed?

  4. Do you have a source for this “official” news?

    1. Yes, Goodreads. It’s been updated on the Goodreads profile for the book.

      1. It’s not official until Red Tower / Yarros actually announce it.

        1. We have a date on Goodreads which has been input by the editor/author. And unless Red Tower / Yarros changes that, it is the official date.

  5. I know December 2024 is the time she needs to write the most amazing next book for all of us but I’m so eager I was hoping she would bring it out earlier!
    Did she officially announce it or this the good reads leak that I keep seeing online?
    Also I’ve been reading all your theories this week and I’m so obsessed with this site and all your content🥰🫶🏻

    1. Thank you Margaux! It’s from Goodreads. It’s been updated on the book 3 profile right now.
      However, some authors give those as tentative dates and bring the date forward. But until the official official announcement (which I expect it to be sometimes in Spring) we won’t really know the exact day/month.

  6. Honestly, after the disappointment of the second book (and reading the comments I’m not the only one who is disappointed) I hope that the third book will be released before December next year.

    1. Wait, Jules, nooo. You were disappointed in the book? I think it’s amazing, so full of details and Easter Eggs!

  7. Updating it here in the comments as well. December 2024 has been removed from Goodreads under Empyrean Book 3. Unfortunately, we are now back in the dark when it comes to an official date.
    Don’t worry, I will keep you updated once I know more!

  8. This kind of makes my stomach sink because to me, removing the info that was out there means it will likely be 2025 🤮 why would they want it removed if there was a potential it could be earlier? Would be a nice little surprise for all of us.

    Also, I could totally be wrong but I feel like I remember reading she was already working on IF when FW was released and IF took nearly a year.

    Logically, I want the Author to take as much time as she needs to not burn out and stay healthy.

    My obsessed fan girlie sides feels like I will die a slow, painful death while waiting a year or more for book 3, lol.

    Patience has never been a virtue of mine and I seriously think this will be the last series I read that isn’t completed. I can’t handle it 😅

    1. I feel you. I feel you in every way possible. I want Rebecca Yarros to feel good and take her time and create art and a masterpiece. Do I also want the book out yesterday? Yes, yes of course. We’re hooked and she is our dealer of perfect romantasy!
      I will continue to check and update as we go along. It broke my heart a little bit. But yes, we do need to brace ourselves for the possibility of 2025…

    2. I’m with you, Amanda. The only completed series I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot of this genre, is from Maas. I’ve started so many and by the time the next book comes out, I’ve forgotten what it was about. I am so into Yarros’s series I won’t be able to stand the wait, so I, too, won’t start another series until it’s complete.

      1. I think that’s very wise. I am currently waiting for Fire and Flesh to be completed…it’s horrible, the wait! 🙁

    3. The Dec 2024 date was always just a placeholder. I don’t know why people put so much weight into it. Once the release date is announced then we will know. Writing and editing and publishing all take time. I’m willing to wait for a good book! 📚

      1. It’s so disappointing, tho, we really wanted the book, and we’re obviously so impatient. But yeah, we’re all willing to wait given that we need a great story moving forward.

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