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Onyx Storm Theory – Tairn is the Onyx, not Xaden

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Written by: Cory

Onyx Storm theory - The Onyx Storm is about Xaden and Tairn

I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited we finally have a date for Onyx Storm, I can barely contain my excitement.

And before we can even begin to fantasize about the time when we’ll hold the book in our hands, we can start thinking about new theories, cover reveal (COVER REVEAL!!) and more fun clues Rebecca Yarros is going to drop on her Instagram.

But for now, I want to talk to you about another Onyx Storm theory. This was hinted to me by one of our readers and fellow fans in regards to the connection between Violet, Xaden, Tairn and Sgaeyl.

Now, I covered this previously in my Onyx Storm Title Meaning article but not to this (new) extent. Hear me out!

To recap in Iron Flame, Violet describes her connection with Xaden as shimmering onyx.

Shimmering onyx wraps around my mind and everything intensifies.” (Chapter 48)

Could this storm symbolize the complicated relationship between Violet, Xaden, and their dragons?

Maybe, but there is more. If you go to Fourth Wing Xaden POV bonus chapters you will notice something very interesting indeed.

“I lower my shields just enough to feel for the bond. The hard sapphire one I share with Sgaeyl is locked into place as always, but now there are two more. The onyx I recognize as Tairn, and the other, a glimmering strand of…silver, like the ends of her hair. F*ck. He really did bond her. Only a mating bond like Sgaeyl and Tairn’s could link me to another rider, whether or not I want it.”

Are you with me? Xaden refers to Tairn as an onyx connection. But not Violet…

Let’s go back to Fourth Wing now.

Bright orange, crackling energy streams in from the door behind me, and there’s a golden light that shines from the window I created just for Andarna. I take a deep breath and turn slowly.
And there, swirling along the edge of the roofline, is a shadow of sparkling night. Xaden.

Nope, Violet refers to Tairn’s bond as bright orange. I assume because it’s pure energy somehow.

My theory is, what if (and this is a big IF) the whole idea of Onyx Storm is between Tairn and Xaden. And yes I will elaborate.

Tairn and Xaden – The Onyx Storm

There are many theories that will be helpful here, so I will quote them as I go for you to be able to read them.

First of all, I have a theory that Tairn and Sgaeyl have had hatchlings. I’m 1000% sure this theory will come true in the next book, but of course, there is still a gamble.

And I’ve already told you that I don’t think Naolin died the way we initially thought. I actually think Naolin living his best live as venin and I think Tairn severed the connection between him and Naolin.

Can you imagine? It would explain why Tairn almost died.

Ok so why am I telling you all this? Because I think Xaden has a direct path to Sgaeyl and Tairn and Violet. Woaaaah, now that is recipe for disaster.

Do you remember how I said to you that Varrish is literally controlling his dragon? Yup, I think the smell and bad eyes will happen to Sgaeyl too, and soon potentially to Tairn and Violet by extension.

Imagine for a second that Tairn has had hatchlings. And the mother of his baby dragons is being controlled by no other than venin Xaden. WOAH. Can you seriously imagine Tairn being all chilled about it? Nope, no! I imagine that Tairn will go WILD.

Which means the Onyx Storm might very well be an internal struggle but it might be between Tairn and Xaden. A mental war, a connection that could almost be severed.

And the discussion from the teasers?

She needs to prepare herself.
And so do you.
There’s every chance this mission will kill us

Yeah, what if Tairn is talking to Xaden here? About Sgaeyl…or even about Violet. Maybe there is a hint that this very book might be from Xaden’s POV.

Who knows? Well, Rebecca Yarros and her lucky editors know. And I’m pretty sure we will know more as the clues drop.

For now, let’s come up with awesome theories and read the books again because hey, why not.

Also, don’t forget to submit your own theory if you haven’t already!

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8 responses to “Onyx Storm Theory – Tairn is the Onyx, not Xaden”

  1. Do you think if Xaden could eventually control Tairn and Violet via extension through Sgaeyl, he might be able to control Andarna via Violet’s connection with her? Even though Xaden has never communicated with Andarna through a bond, he might be able to “hijack” Violet’s connection with her somehow. If so, this could be really dangerous because of Andarna’s potential to be super powerful in the coming books. The more I think about your theory, the more I believe it!

    1. You know, I think it’s possible. And I think maybe the moment they realise, it will be the “storm” between the group.

  2. Hey! I love the idea that Tairn is speaking to Xaden, but what if he is just talking to Andarna? Or Violet? Considering Andarna likes to contradict things now and he could just be ” telling her off ” ( sorry not quite sure how to describe it ) or just trying to get our girl violet to rest and not rush into trouble. Hopefully we will be getting more teasers soon!

    1. Oh it’s super possible. It’s possible that he’s telling Violet that, about Andarna or the other way. So everything is possible.

  3. Personally I think everything comes back to Andarna.
    Fourth Wing isn’t about the squad, it’s the fact that Violet has 4 wings with Tairn and Andarna, who bonded 2nd and therefore gave her 4 wings.
    Iron Flame also about Andarna and the reveal of her rare breed.
    Imho In OS Tairn and by extension Sgaeyl are going to die – unleashing the Catalyst for the most rare of dragon, Andarna who has only begun to scratch the surface of her abilities and likely Violet’s second signant, an Onyx storm.

    1. OS Tairn and by extension Sgaeyl are going to die???? Wait, that would mean that for the next two books we won’t have Tairn and Sgaeyl? NOPE! NO WAY

      1. She doesn’t need 2 dragons, it’s been foreshadowed all a long. Once Andara has matured, she also needs a rider. My personal belief is that Tairn and Sgaeyl are going to end up sacrificing themselves for Violet and Xaden. Xaden as Venin no longer needs a dragon to survive. Same as Jack. It’s definitely not what I want, but I can feel it. As King, if we can get him healed he wouldn’t need a dragon to rule either, especially since he was always meant to be infantry not a rider.

        1. I kinda agree with this but I’m thinking that maybe this sort of storyline will happen more like…in book 4 or 5.

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