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Andarna Dragon

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Andarna as a tiny pearlescent dragon with her natural scales

Andarna is a dragon who bonds Violet Sorrengail in the first book of the Empyrean Series, Fourth Wing.

Name meaning in GaelicThe second honour
ColourGold (Hatchling, Fourth Wing)
Iridescent (Teen, Iron Flame)
TailFeathertail (Fourth Wing)
Scorpiontail (Iron Flame)
AgeHatchling (Fourth Wing)
Teenager (Iron Flame)
OccurrenceExtremely Rare
HumanViolet Sorrengail (Bonded Rider)
Special Ability as feathertailMakes time stop

Andarnaurram, commonly known as Andarna, is a unique dragon with a name that means ‘The second honour’ in Gaelic. This name suggests a special status or recognition in its community. In its early life as a hatchling in the Fourth Wing, Andarna has a golden colour, a shade that signifies innocence and potential. As she grows into her teenage years in the Iron Flame book, her colour changes to an iridescent tone, indicating maturity and the development of complex abilities.

Andarna’s tail is distinct at different life stages. Initially, it has a feathertail in Fourth Wing, which is known for agility. Later, as a teenager in Iron Flame, it transforms into a scorpiontail, reflecting increased strength and defensive skills. Despite being extremely rare, Andarna has a human companion, Violet Sorrengail, who is her bonded rider, suggesting a deep and mystical bond between them.

One of Andarna’s extraordinary abilities as a feathertail is the power to stop time, a rare and impressive skill. Although much about Andarna is known, the details of her signet remain a mystery, adding to the dragon’s intriguing and mysterious nature.


Andarna’s name in Gaelic means The Second Honour. It comes from an dàrna (the second) and urram (honour).

Physical Appearance

Fourth Wing

Just a few feet taller than Violet Sorrengail, has sharp teeth and golden scales.

Violet remarks that Andarna is like a perfect miniature of a Brown dragon. Sawyer speculated that she is a baby orange, but this speculation was quickly dismissed by others.

Andarna, as a juvenile, is too small to bear a rider.

Iron Flame

Andarna’s scales are deeply black, they glimmer almost purple. Her tail turns from feathertail into a scorpiontail.

She has a rounded snout and curled horns. Violet notices coppery streaks in her eyes.

Andarna as a hatchling

Andarna is still a feathertail in the Fourth Wing book. This means she is still a juvenile and thus not fully grown as a dragon. She cannot channel abilities to a rider. However, as a juvenile, Andarna has the special gift of stopping time, and she decided to gift this directly to Violet to save her from an untimely death. Giving this gift, however, drains Andarna to a point of exhaustion.

Most feathertail’s gifts disappear with maturity when they begin to channel.


Andarna is described by Violet as fearless.


Violet Sorrengail

At Threshing, Andarna selects Violet as her rider, alongside Tairn. Andarna displays a gentle and kind demeanor towards Violet, going to great lengths to protect her. She entrusts Violet with her unique gift, aiding her survival.

Andarna expresses her pride in Violet, affirming that she is glad Violet is her chosen rider.

Honourable mentions

The Golden One.
The Hungry One.
The Terror of Sheep.

Andarna Fourth Wing Theory

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Andarna’s Quotes

“Nature likes all things in balance.”

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  1. Honorable mentions:

    The Golden One.
    The Hungry One.
    The Terror of Sheep.

    1. The Terror of Sheep is my new favourite. I’m going to make stickers with this!

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