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Fourth Wing Theory: Andarna will have a common colour

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Written by: Cory

Fourth Wing Theory - Will Andarna change colour

We all know that Andarna is a baby which is potentially why she is Golden. This could mean that she is either a very rare dragon which has never been seen before, or she is on her way to developing into a proper common colour, which makes the most sense.

She could be any colour, of course, but there are two paragraphs that could suggest she will turn either brown or orange. Read the relevant paragraphs below and see my conclusion at the bottom of the article.

Chapter 11, Page 148 – Violet remarks Andarna is like a miniature Brown

“At its full height, it’s probably only a few feet taller than I am, like a perfect miniature of the brown next to it.”

Comments: Being a miniature brown makes a lot of sense, given Violet’s (unspoken) similarities with Lilith Sorrengail. Violet can yield lighning, whereas Lilith’s signet is the power of storms. Somewhat similar. Lilith’s dragon, Aimsir, is a brown dragon. Perhaps, Andarna is also to become a brown once she’s fully grown.

Chapter 11, Page 148 – Sawyer suggests Andarna is a baby and could be an orange dragon.

“Maybe it’s a baby orange”

Comments: This is relevant as quickly after Rhiannon explains that dragons would never allow a baby to bond. So, there is a possibility that Andarna is, indeed, a baby orange.

Chapter 16, Page 178 – Jack has an orange dragon which means Andarna is probably not…

“[…]from the back of an Orange Scopriontail to record his bond with the roll-leeper[…].

Comments: Given their unpredictable nature, it’s well-established that orange dragons are the most unpredictable. Considering Andarna’s personality and traits, it seems more plausible that she would be a Brown rather than an Orange. The idea of Andarna being an Orange feels incongruous, especially since an orange chose Jack Barlowe, a character known for his malevolence and sadism. Moreover, if we examine all the dragons, it’s evident that we know the least about Browns in this book. This leads me to suspect that we’ll gain more insight into Browns in the next book, likely through Andarna.

My conclusion

Based on the above, I believe that Andarna will be a Brown when she grows up, and we will learn her colour and new description in Iron Flame.

UPDATE – As Iron Flame is now out, I have the verdict on this theory and Andarna’s colours. Please be mindful as, of course, there will be Iron Flame spoilers.

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29 responses to “Fourth Wing Theory: Andarna will have a common colour”

  1. Yes, I agree that Andarna’s personality matches that of a brown however I would love it if she is a rare species as we know her parents died before she was alive, so she could be from outside the veil. She also has a gift that is unheard of in all of the history which even confused Tairn as he stated that he didn’t know what happened when confronted. There is also the fact that she is a gold which could be entirely normal as no other feathertail has been seen for a long while, it could also be extremely rare and a nod to the power she possesses. Although all of this could amount to nothing, we haven’t got nothing to base it on.

    There is also the point that the Fourth Wing book cover is black and gold: Tairn and Andarna’s colours, while the iron flame is orange and black however it could still be described as gold, so i am not sure…

    1. I would love it if Andarna turns out to a rare species. Especially because her parents passed when she was a hatchling. So there is an opportunity for Yarros to really develop on that make her into a truly special dragon.
      That would be great actually! I see…You know I paid no heed to the colours, but now that you’ve mentioned it.. hmmm, Iron Flame does feel like black and gold-copper to me. Oh, maybe this is a hint!!!

  2. I posted elsewhere that Andarna may have a direct connection to one of the 3 siblings in the fairy tales… the one who originally created the dragons. In fact,she may be a reincarnated version of the original, rather than some vague reference to her parents.

    There must have been other feathertails, as all dragons had to have been nestlings. Maybe they are all gold as part of the maturing process and change to a less shiny color upon reaching adulthood. . But feathertails are traditionally kept in the vale… so why did they break code and allow Andarna to bond? Because there is something unique… and maybe her adult color will be unique too, like white, or a chameleon-like ability to change color?

  3. I’m not sure about her colour, I think if her colour stayed gold but became more rose gold (so she wasn’t a beacon) that would be quite cool. We know that feathertails traditionally stay in the vale and with her not having a ‘fighting’ tail, the ability to breath fire or claws, leads me to believe that feathertails are the knowledge keepers of the dragons.

    In my mind it adds to the natural balance that she would bond with a ‘scribe’ who is like a sponge when it comes to knowledge, and who father from what it seems, was already discovering some of the hidden truths. Violet being able to transcribe the correct history and pass it on as it was before a ‘generation’ changed it just makes sense in my brain

    1. Honestly? I’m so curious about Andarna. She is a massive mystery to me right now. (well, to us all, no doubt).

    2. I’m so curious too! There is so much the author can do with her character. I wonder if she holds off revealing herself to everyone until the end of Book 2 – except Vi/Xaden (heh, I keep accidentally referring to him as Xanax lol). Would be a nice shocker to the baddies… although the baddies’ dragons would know.

      I am curious about the baddies dragons. Assuming the dragons of Melgren and Colonel Aetos are loyal to the Empyrean – and why wouldn’t they – there must be quite a bit of intel shared amongst all of them. It fits Nikita’s theory on Andarna and dragon intelligence… and possible bonding power with Violet. Nice one!

      1. I’m just to excited to even breathe…7th of November can’t come fast enough, right???

    3. I really like this idea that she bonded with Vi because she was trained and thinks like a scribe. I’m wondering if her dad may have found a way into the Vale itself when he was doing his research on feather tails- maybe that’s what piqued Andarna’s interest. His death also fits in with Andarna’s age too cos he died shortly after she would’ve been born.

      Id also love to know what played into Lilith changing her mind so suddenly and made Vi become a rider? I’d love if these threads came together.

      Ever since they mentioned the Vale being right on the other side of the gauntlet I’ve been obsessed with the idea that somebody’s had been or will go in there.

  4. You are sooooo right!!

  5. My birthday is on Nov 6, so this will be a great bday present lol

    1. My partner’s bday is on the 10th of Nov and I basically need to devour the book in 3 days max. Easy! You do get a lovely bday present!

  6. You know what just came to my mind yesterday? I’ve read your theory and until then I was fully on the same page. But yesterday I thought of the print for the sequel. When you have a look at the Fourth Wing hardcover, a black dragon is printed on the German version. The one for Iron flame is a blueish/purple (violet) color… What if… Second Book, Andarana = second honor, Xaden telling us that she is huge. I know it could also mean that she turns brown or orange… But this came just cross my mind. Let me know what you think!

    So thankful for this page!! THANK YOU! 🙂

    1. Waaaaait, I went to google it and I can see that the special edition has a black/purple dragon on it. Errrr…ok, Anna, what if? What if the second book focuses on her and she’s somehow…a very widely different colour than expected? OMG, what if, ok stay with me here, the author specifically put Andarna as golden right next to the brown there, so it leads us on? Which she did because that’s why I honestly thought she will be orange/brown. What if her family (who sadly died after she was born) was some special kind of dragon that the humans have not seen because they stayed in the Vale? ARGH, Anna, did you just open a can of theory worms in my head right now? 😀

      You are most welcome, thank you for appreciating this little fan site. <3

      1. Exactly!! I also thought well brown / orange would make sense… But then the cover hit me and I was like – WAIT a second! But it could also be that this Hardcover shows Sgaeyl… But there must be a reason that these two super powerful dragons (Tairn and Sgaeyl) take so much care of Andarna and its not covered by another maited dragon pair? However there might be a chance that its about Andarna and I would love it. Happy to open that can of theory worms in your head! 😂❤️ Can’t wait to catch up with you once Iron Flame got published!

  7. I didn’t know about the black/purple book cover, but I do agree she will be different. I am also speculating that maybe all baby dragons are gold…?

    1. That’s what I also thought, too! That’s what makes them special.

    2. I think so too. From what I know its only the German books which have these prints.

  8. Something to add here as well… I saw a theory online about Andarna being some type of royalty. She can do whatever she wants, no one stopped her, and Sgaeyl made a comment that confirmed she couldn’t do much about the choice….AND Andarna didn’t list her full lineage like Tairn did at Threshing! There’s a reason she didn’t. Has to be. I wonder (and hope) if she stays gold because of her family actually being gold dragons! No one knows about them because (sadly) her parents died. She’s the only heir of that line. Her name being Second Honour could mean lots of things, but a second honour in royalty would be a princess 🙂 -just a thought and theory I truly love because it would be amazing if it’s true in some way!

    1. That would be an epic twist to be fair. You are right…she only said “Andarna” without any lineage. Like that seems to be something they are very proud of, and they share it with love when it comes to their riders. Interesting. Oh that would be an epic twist. 😀

  9. Do we have any theories or ideas concerning what the reactions would be from the general and others when they see that she’s no longer a feather tail – they would know that she grew up and was a baby, no?

    1. I have no theories about it but I’m actually a little worried about this? It makes me feel that they might do something to capture her or try to understand more about how come a feathertail (a baby dragon) was allowed to bond and I think eventually they will learn that all dragon children have special powers…which will create a whole new thing in the upcoming books.

      1. I dont think that now when she is huge anyone is gonna capture her. But since the relic is gold… i … have weird suspicion she will remain gold. Or some invisibility stuff. She might be some special type of dragon that never bonds but the dragons know that Venin is starting to endanger the Navarre soon and they do their own stuff not caring about what the mere humans (leadership) do with Navarre. Tairn often says – It is how it should be. And also, he eagerly hide stuff from Violet if it is the right thing to do.

        1. This is one of my biggest questions about Iron Flame actually! I cannot wait to read it and update these thories!

  10. I really do believe Andarna’s color will remain golden. Remembering dragon relics? They are same colors with their dragons. Xaden has a navy blue relic for Sgaeyl on his back, Violet has black for Tairn and golden for Andarna. But who knows for sure? I have too many questions and basically counting days for Iron Flame. Thank you for this amazing blog Cory!

    1. I agree! Plus there’s still a golden dragon and a black dragon on the cover of iron flame. On fourth wing you can see she has her neck turned towards Tairn signifying her youth and her lack of independence and the safety she feels with Tairn. On iron flame, she looks ahead as if she’s matured- but she’s still gold !! So I think she’ll retain it into adulthood

      1. I am so curious about this!

        1. Uuuu but we know now

          1. Can’t wait to update all these articles!!! We do…we do know now 😀

  11. UPDATE – I now have the verdict on this theory. Please read Iron Flame first, then let’s discuss Andarna’s colour here -> https://www.empyreanriders.com/articles/iron-flame-verdict-andarnas-colour-theory-proven-or-disproven/

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