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Rhiannon Matthias Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros
NameRhiannon Matthias
RankRider, Second Squad, Flame Section, Fourth Wing
Squad Leader (Iron Flame)
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
FamilyRaegan (twin sister)
Lukas (nephew)
Place of BirthMorraine Province, village on the Cygnisen border, one hour on foot from Montserrat
RelationshipsViolet Sorrengail (Friend)
Ridoc (Friend)
Tara (Fling)
Sawyer (Fling)

Physical Description

Dark skin, high cheekbones and oval face. Rhiannon has dark brown hair worn in several rows of short braids. Her foot size is a US 8.

Rhiannon has brown eyes.


Violet Sorrengail

Rhiannon assists Violet Sorrengail in elevating her sparring skills, offering her training in return for history lessons. Rhiannon has openly expressed to Violet that she is her only friend in the Riders Quadrant, and she seizes every opportunity to lend her a helping hand.

Rhiannon’s affection for Violet is unmistakable, as demonstrated after the Gauntlet. The sight of Violet making it through brings tears to Rhiannon’s eyes, a clear testament to her deep care and concern.

During the Presentation, Rhiannon feels a sting of hurt upon realizing that Violet didn’t confide in her about her plans for overcoming the Gauntlet. Demonstrating her genuine friendship, Rhiannon urges Violet to trust her, expressing her desire to be there for Violet and offer help, regardless of the circumstances.

Rhiannon seeks Violet’s assistance in sneaking out from the Montserrat outpost to visit her sister and nephew. Without hesitation, Violet agrees to help, demonstrating her loyalty and willingness to support her friend.

Before Violet even fully manifests her Signet, Rhiannon confidently predicts that Violet will become the most powerful rider of their generation. This statement not only showcases Rhiannon’s faith in Violet’s potential but also her ability to recognize and acknowledge the strength in others.

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