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A signet is the result of a rider bonding with their dragon. Some signets are rare and extraordinary, others are more common. Some signets are considered forbidden, and thus riders who develop them are executed.

The signet is the result of the unique chemistry between dragon and rider. Signets say more about the riders than the dragons.

According to Sgayel, signets reflect who you areat the core of your being.

The dragons possess inherent magical abilities, yet the objective for riders is to nurture and refine their signet.

A signet stands as the most powerful and distinctive skill developed through their unique connection.

Signets in Fourth Wing

SignetSignet WielderOccurrence
ShadowsXaden RiorsonRare
LightningViolet SorrengailRare
MenderBrennan Sorrengail
Power of StormsLilith SorrengailRare
RetrocognitionDain AetosRare
SummonerRhiannon MatthiasRare
FarsightednessLiam MairiUnknown
See a battle’s outcomeGeneral Melgren
Extending wardsMira SorrengailUnknown
ProjectionProfessor KaoriUnknown
Air manipulationEmeryUnknown
Breathing underwaterHeatonUnknown
Wipe out recent memories
Really Fast
unweaving wardsNadineUnknown
siphoning powerNaolinUnknown
astral projectingQuinnUnknown

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3 responses to “Signet”

  1. Hey nice list… I do think Mira’s gift is rare… I think that is what can be taken from why Xaden “suggests ” sending her as a protection is there was no bigger squard available to help protect a foremost…. that she could would as strengthen all on her own…

    1. It sounds very rare indeed. It’s not mentioned in the text if it’s rare or not. I wonder if we should change it!

  2. I think that Xaden’s second signet is pretty rare.

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