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General Melgren Empyrean Series
NameAugustine Melgren
RankCommanding General of all Navarre
SignetBattle Foresight
Can see a battle’s outcome before it happens
Appears inFourth Wing, Iron Flame

Physical Appearance

Nothing but cold calculation in those beady eyes. His uniform is dripping in medals. He is unnerving to be around.

About General Melgren

General Melgren is the Commanding General of Navarre. His dragon is called Codagh, the largest and most powerful black dragon.

Codagh, following Melgren’s orders, executes the rebellion leaders using dragonfire. Unbeknownst to Melgren, the children of these leaders were given special runes for protection. These runes were specifically designed to counteract the signet of the dragon rider responsible for their parents’ death. As Codagh executed the parents with dragonfire, these runes created the rebellion relics, activating to safeguard the children.

Melgren has a limitation in his abilities, he can’t see the outcome of a battle if three or more marked ones (riders with rebellion relics) are involved. Xaden has been using this to his advantage. By ensuring they never meet in groups smaller than three, they effectively obscure their actions and strategies from Melgren’s foresight.


Thanks to their rebellion relics, Melgren can’t confirm anything when
there are three or more marked ones involved, and Aetos apparently
knows it.


“I don’t know. Every fable in this book is about how too much power
corrupts, so maybe he felt someone in leadership was corrupt.” I glance up
at Xaden and joke, “I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if General Melgren
ripped a mask off one day and revealed he was a terrifying venin. That man
has always given me the creeps.”


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