Kingdom of Navarre

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Official NameKingdom of Navarre
RoyaltyKing Tauri
Geographical LocationWest of the continent
AgreementTrade Agreement of Resson (with Poromiel)

The Kingdom of Navarre has is home to six different provinces:

Navarre is described as a large kingdom comprising six unique provinces, with Tyrrendor being the southernmost and largest, sharing its border with the province of Krovla within the Poromiel kingdom​​. The kingdom is geographically diverse, boasting mountainous regions rich in ore and timber, and is renowned for its abundance of wildlife like deer and elk​​. It has a significant history of conflicts and wars to save the kingdom from separatists and threats to its sovereignty​​.

Its history was profoundly altered by Augustine Melgren, whose manifestation of a signet changed warfare in Navarre forever​​. The kingdom has been the subject of grand conspiracies and accusations, as noted in the interrogation of Fen Riorson before the last days of his life.

The kingdom’s turbulent history includes a never-ending war to secure its borders from power-hungry enemies and the constant threat of conflict​​. Tyrrendor’s history within Navarre is especially notable, as it was the last province to join the alliance and the only one to attempt secession, nearly compromising the kingdom’s defence.

Post-war, Navarre closed its borders, offering those in Poromiel a chance to live under the safety of its wards for a limited time​​. The kingdom faces ongoing threats from dark wielders (venin), necessitating the constant preparation for war​​. Strategic planning and knowledge of the kingdom’s geography, including its outposts and supply routes, play a crucial role in its defence. Finally, according to Colonel Markham, Curator of the Scribes Quadrant, the unification of Navarre’s provinces under the protection of the first bonded riders marked the beginning of a period of peace and prosperity, setting a new course for the kingdom’s history​​.

However, the implications of Navarre’s protective wards and the cost of living under them are a recurring theme, reflecting on the sacrifices made for safety and the lies that continue to cost innocent lives​​.

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