Fen Riorson

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NameFen Riorson
NicknameThe Great Betrayer
RankInfantry Quadrant
FamilyXaden Riorson (Son)
Bodhi (Nephew)
Place of OriginAretia, Tyrrendor Province
Redacted Last Words“You’re all cowards.”

Fen Riorson possessed a captivating magnetism, capable of ensnaring crowds with nothing more than his words.

In his last days of interrogation, he accused King Tauri and all who came before him of a conspiracy so vast, so unspeakable.

Relationship with Xaden

Fen Riorson hoped that Xaden will go into the infantry like he did. Fen thought riders were pompous pricks.

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2 responses to “Fen Riorson”

  1. His last words were very – well, pristine for a book that uses *language* as much as this one does! And they were redacted. I can only imagine what he *actually* said!

    1. For sure. I’m curious if we’ll ever find out. but I suppose Xaden was there and eventually he’ll tell us.

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