Bodhi Durran

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Bodhi Durran Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros
NameBodhi Durran
RankRider, Tail Section Executive Officer (Fourth Wing)
Section Leader, Flame Section (Iron Flame)
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
Place of BirthTyrrendor Province, Navarre
FamilyXaden Riorson (cousin)
Fen Riorson (uncle)
SignetHe can counter signets
Appears inFourth Wing, Iron Flame

Physical Appearance

Bodhi is handsome, with warm tawny brown skin and black curls. His bronzed skin complements a strong brow line, and his features are less angular than his cousin Xaden’s. He possesses a softer, more approachable look.

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5 responses to “Bodhi Durran”

  1. It would be cool if you added a Signet line to their bio! ❤️

    1. Promise, most of them have it. I just haven’t had the chance to update the characters post-Iron Flame. Working on it tho!

  2. His face and expression look open and friendly as I would imagine but definitely not “warm tawny brown” or “bronzed” skin especially compared to Xaiden’s.

    As the author made it clear they are POCs (PsOC??) I love verisimilitude in the renderings.

    Your site is amazing btw…I’m reading Iron Flame and have a lot of questions and found answers here.

    1. That’s true, actually. I will work on his image again and try to do him justice! Thank you for pointing this out.
      Really happy you like the site, was made with a lot of love!

    2. What do you think? Softer version with beautiful black curls <3

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