Oren Seifert

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NameOren Seifert
RankCadet, First Wing
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
Appears inFourth Wing

Physical Appearance

Tall blond.


Tolerable knife skills but a hell of a punch. He’s more like a powerful bull rather than a fast and skilful fighter.

About Oren Seifert

Oren is selected to fight Violet on the mat during sparring. Oren is friends with Jack Barlowe, and we learn from the start that he hates Violet, and he thinks she is weak. Violet uses powdered fonilee berries to poison him and weaken him during sparring.

When Jack, Oren and a few other cadets attack Violet in her room, leading to a violent confrontation. In the heat of this battle, Xaden intervenes to protect Violet and fatally wounds Oren.


“But you know he never should have bonded her!” Oren puts his hands
up, his palms facing us. “You of all people have reason enough to want the
weakling dead. We’re just correcting a mistake.”


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5 responses to “Oren Seifert”

  1. He wasn’t killed by Tairn it was Xaden in Violets room when he and 6 others came to kill her in the middle of the night. Xaden slit his throat

    1. Hey Amy, during Threshing, Oren, with Jack and Tynan, planned to murder Andarna. He was killed by Tairn, when he picked Violet.

      1. No Tairn killed Tynan at Threshing

  2. Violet knocked out Oren after Jack ran away. Shortly after Tairn comes scorching Tynan and tells Violet to kill Oren but she spares him. Oren goes to Violets room later with Amber trying to murder her. Xaden stops him with his shadows and before he leaves slices his throat.

    1. Hi Amy, went to read the chapter again (even tho I read the book 5 times?!) errr, you are absolutely right! He was unconscious. And Tairn made the remark that he would kill you if given the same chance. “That’s a statement on his character…”
      Updated, thank you for sticking with me on this and helping make the site 100% accurate. Really really appreciate your help

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