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Riders Quadrant

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The Riders Quadrant is one of four distinct military divisions within the Basgiath War College. The Riders Quadrant is located within its own citadel.

Dragon RotundaThe structure stands three stories tall, featuring polished marble floors and a domed glass ceiling. To the left, two massive arched doors lead to the academic wing. On the right, two equally large arched doors open to the dormitories. A half dozen steps upward lead to four doorways that open into the gathering hall.
CourtyardThe courtyard is expansive, with the capacity to accommodate 1000 riders. Its layout resembles an angular teardrop, with the rounded end constituted by a massive outer wall that is at least ten feet thick. Flanking the courtyard are stone halls.
Academic WingFour story building carved along the mountain, with a rounded end.
Gathering HallThe structure features six imposing marble pillars, each intricately carved into the shape of dragons. The dragons are coloured red, green, orange, blue, and black, with each colour representing a different type of dragon. The central area of the structure is spacious enough to accommodate at least four squads.
DormsTowering over the cliff.
LibraryEvery tome needed for studying relevant to Riders.


Riders Quadrant is divided into four wings. Each wing is divided into three sections (Flame, Claw, and Tail) and each section has three squads. Each squad is composed of approximately 15 to 16 individuals.

The most prestigious positions within each wing are the roles of wingleader and section leader. These roles are typically filled by the most outstanding third-year students, although exceptional second-year students can also ascend to these ranks.


Riders wear black leathers, which are meant to make it harder to see when they bleed and thus confuse the enemy. They have summer leathers and lined leathers for the winter.


To graduate, cadets are required to complete a series of rigorous challenges and acquire a diverse set of skills over a three-year period. This is the only quadrant that does not accept conscripts.

Admission into this Quadrant necessitates crossing a daunting parapet, known to kill approximately 15% of the candidates before ever making it across to become cadets. Upon entering the edifice of the Riders Quadrant, individuals are officially recognized as cadets. The initial year of their enrolment is a test of survival, where they must acquire both combat abilities and academic knowledge. The objective for this first year is to equip cadets with the skills necessary to conquer the Gauntlet. This is followed by the Threshing phase, a unique opportunity for cadets to form bonds with dragons. Once this bond is established, they earn the esteemed title of riders.

According to statistics, about a quarter of cadets live to graduate from the Riders Quadrant. Statistically, most riders die before retirement.


Candidates enter the Riders Quadrant during summer, in July. Two months later, when leaves start to turn, thus marking the beginning of autumn, cadets must conquer the Gauntlet.

Those who don’t pass the Gauntlet die, and those who do make it to Presentation.

Two days after the Presentation, Threshing will occur in the valley beneath the citadel.

When cadets are successful at Threshing and they manage to bond with a dragon, they officially become riders and are given their own rider leathers and access to a private room.

Throughout the year they continue to have sparring challenges and eventually, have War Games which are difficult challenges meant to test the riders from all Wings.

Graduation takes place on July 10th, which is ten days after Reunification Day. Reunification Day is observed on July 1st, as per King Tauri’s royal proclamation commemorating the Battle of Aretia.

During Graduation, cadets now newly lieutenants simply receive their missives with their stations, pack their staff and simply take off. The whole process is described as anticlimactic.

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