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Basgiath War College

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Basgiath War College map in the Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros
NameBasgiath War College
LocationSide of Basgiath mountain, Basgiath, Navarre
Name of QuadrantsHealer Quadrant, Scribe Quadrant, Infantry Quadrant, Riders Quadrant
Indoor AreasAdministration Building, Gen. Sorrengail’s Office, Bell Tower, First Years, Dorms, Gathering Hall, Academic Wing, Dragon Rotunda
Outdoor AreasGauntlet, Flight Field, Parapet, Torture Chamber
ReputationElite College
Entrance ExamWritten and agility test


Basgiath War College is an elite military college located in Basgiath, Kingdom of Navarre.

There are four different quadrants at the Basgiath War College: Riders Quadrant, Scribes Quadrant, Healers Quadrant, and Infantry Quadrant.

It is most well known for its Riders Quadrants, where cadets get the chance to bond with dragons, thus becoming riders. Riders get better pay ad are the top of the military chain. However, usually, just a quarter of all cadets manage to graduate from Riders Quadrant.

Every Navarrian officer must study here for three years to hone useful skills to protect the Navarrian borders from the enemy.

To enter the Basgiath War College some volunteer, others come here as punishment, but most are conscripted. Everyone must undertake an entrance exam, consisting of both written and agility test. Those who don’t pass the exam end up in the infantry.

The college program spans a period of three years, during which communication with families is restricted for first-year students. Only second and third-year students are granted the privilege of maintaining contact with their families and friends beyond the college.

If a student dies while attending the war college, parents are given two options: either they can retrieve the body and personal effects for burial or cremation, or the college will handle the burial and burning of the effects on their behalf.

Conscription Day

Conscription Day typically takes place in mid-July. On this day, all candidates gather to enrol at the war college and commence their military training. In the Riders Quadrant, candidates are required to cross the treacherous parapet in order to become cadets. This perilous challenge, known as the deadliest day, results in the unfortunate loss of approximately 15-20% of candidates’ lives.


Approximately 15-20% of candidates lose their lives on Conscription Day, on the Parapet. It is estimated that only a quarter of cadets make it to graduation. However, surviving graduation doesn’t mean surviving service. Statistically, most riders die before retirement age.


Built into the side of Basgiath mountain with a formidable structure and stories tall stone battlements. It features defensive turrets at each of its corners, one of which houses the bell.

Torture Chamber

For the purpose of RSC, cadets learn about the torture chamber at Basgiath War College. The entrance is well hidden in the cliffside under the foundation walls of the quadrant. The antechamber of the windowless, guarded cave isn’t too bad, and according to Violet Sorrengail, is could double as an office. There is a large wooden desk in the center of the space, with a high-backed chair on one side and two on the other.

There are two doors braced with steel, and both have a barred window held closed by a steel latch.

There’s a scarred wooden table in the center of the dome-shaped room with six chairs, and along the cobblestone walls are five wooden beds with no mattresses. There is a door which leads to a connected bathroom. The chamber is not sound shielded.

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