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Conscription Day, as depicted in the Empyrean series, is a significant event that marks the beginning of service for thousands of 20-year-olds in Navarre. On this day, these young individuals, who represent the strongest and smartest of their generation, gather outside the Basgiath War College, ready to enter their chosen quadrant for service: Scribe Quadrant, Riders Quadrant, Healers Quadrant and Infantry.

The Riders Quadrant, one of the quadrants these individuals can choose to join, is particularly notorious for its high fatality rate. Hundreds of candidates have spent years preparing for the challenges that await them in this quadrant, yet the reality of the situation is harsh. As they cross the parapet to begin their service, the Riders Quadrant typically claims the lives of 15-20% of its candidates.

Conscription Day is not just a day of anticipation and excitement, but also a day of dread and mourning. Despite the danger, the honour and prestige associated with serving in the Riders Quadrant continue to draw in numerous candidates each year, making Conscription Day one of the most significant and deadliest events in Navarre.

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