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Rebellion Relic

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The Rebellion Relic, a prominent feature in the Empyrean Series, is a distinctive mark borne by a group of individuals known as the Marked Ones. These marks, characterized by unique swirls and slashes, are more than mere physical attributes. They serve as historical reminders and conduits of power.

Origins and Significance

The Rebellion Relic traces its origins back to a significant event in the series’ history – the Tyrrish rebellion. This rebellion, referred to as the “apostasy” by inhabitants of the Tyrrendor province and the “secession” by those from Navarre, marked a pivotal moment in the narrative’s timeline.

These relics were created by Codagh, the dragon of General Melgren. The dragon marked the offspring of those involved in the rebellion with these distinctive patterns. This act served dual purposes – it was both a punitive measure and a method of identifying those with direct ties to the rebellion.

The Marked Ones and Their Role

In the Empyrean Series, there are 107 identified Marked Ones, including several main characters from the Fourth Wing book, such as Xaden Riorson. These individuals, bearing the Rebellion Relic, are constant reminders of their parents’ involvement in the rebellion.

Perception of the Rebellion Relic

The interpretation of the Rebellion Relic varies among its bearers. For instance, Xaden Riorson, a character who bears a Rebellion Relic, initially perceived it as a curse. However, his perspective shifted over time, leading him to view it as a gift. This change in perception underscores the multifaceted nature of the Rebellion Relic and its profound impact on the lives of the Marked Ones.

According to the law, there is a specific rule that prohibits more than three Marked Ones from congregating. This regulation is not merely a social guideline but a capital offence. The underlying reason for this prohibition is tied to the abilities of General Malgreen. His powerful signet, which allows him to foresee outcomes, becomes ineffective when more than three Marked Ones act in unison. Therefore, to maintain control and predictability, the assembly of more than three Marked Ones is strictly forbidden.

Examples of Marked Ones

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5 responses to “Rebellion Relic”

  1. Enjoying your site so far! I think the rebellion relic has indeed given them an extra signet. Liam’s second was ice spears (FW ch.36 “Liam…wields spears of ice into the injured wyverns throat”

  2. Loving this website you’ve created. Helped ansswer many of my questions. I do not have the book with me but I thought Xaden’s 2nd signet was due to Sygaeyl being Xaden’s great grandfather’s dragon previously gave him the ability to have a 2nd signet.

    1. You are very welcome! And you are right about this. I wrote the rebellion relic post before Iron Flame and I put that down as a theory. I will change it today, thanks for flagging this!

  3. Why did General Malgren give the rebel kids the relic tattoo if there is such a huge drawback? I know that he tried to mark them as rebel kids, but wouldn’t that be less important than making sure that he knows if they want to team up? Is there any other reason why it was so important that he marked them?

    1. I don’t think he did. So I don’t think General Melgren wanted to give them the relic tattoo. That was the doing of Colonel Mairi. The relic is the result of her rune spell, to protect the children when the parents died by fire. Since all of them had it, it was hence called the rebellion relic. Melgren had no way of knowing that it will cause his own signet to not work properly.

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