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Iron Flame Book Hangover: A list of recommended fantasy books to fill the void

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Written by: Cory

Iron Flame Book Hangover: A list of recommended fantasy books to fill the void

You have a total book hangover after finishing Fourth Wing and Iron Flame. Oh don’t I know the feeling? It’s precisely why I created this site, with all the theories and predictions.

Discuss the books with like-minded fantasy book lovers at Empyrean Riders Club.

But are you ready to read more books? Can you even be bothered to pick up a new series? I know how difficult it is. And I want to share what worked for me. If you’re looking for romantic fantasy books to fill the void after finishing an enthralling series like Iron Flame, there are several captivating options to consider. Here are a few recommendations that blend romance, fantasy, and compelling storytelling and are sure to cure your book hangover.

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout – This series is a newer entrant in the romantasy genre and has quickly gained popularity for its blend of romance, fantasy, and action. Now, I did love this series and as it happens, it was the first book I managed to read after Fourth Wing. The first book is very slow, but it does get better and better. It’s a great read, honestly.

Flesh and Fire by Jennifer L. Armentrout – This is the prequel to FBAA. Oh how much I loved everything about Nyktos. You can read this before or after From Blood and Ash, although I do recommend it after. It’s the same universe and certain elements are very much interlinked (which is fun!).

The Serpent and the Wings of Night by Carissa Broadbent – It’s a bit of an enemy to lovers type of story. It has vampires, a shadow dude, and all the spicy scenes we all love in new adult fantasy. It’s an excellent book to be honest, and I do recommend it with love. I only read the first two books from the series because the rest are not centred around Oreya and Raihn.

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson – A really really cute young adult romantasy book. It’s adorable and it’s perfect for Christmas too. It’s just lovely all around with two kids trying to find their way in this world. It doesn’t have any spice, but it will make your heart full.

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn – This is a young adult fantasy series and we’re still waiting on the third book to come out. The first two books are perfect. It’s a love triangle here, but one that does get your heart going. You will want to kiss them, hug then, just be in the skin of the heroine. Perfectly execute romantic young adult book.

Broken Bonds by J. Bree – For a self-published series this really does top the charts. It was so unusual I didn’t know what to do with myself. Now, this is a reverse harem so please be mindful if you are not into that sort of stuff. But if you are or want to give it a go, this book really is a crazy rollercoaster of emotions. And the main heroine is pretty cool.

Elora by Beanie Harper – This is probably the most unusual romantasy I’ve ever read. Because it’s all types of wrongs but also really, really good? Again, reverse harem so if that’s not your jam, maybe skip this one. It does have all sort of cool vampires, one for every mood of the day.

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden – Want to move away from romantic books for a bit? Then this is your book. It’s so interesting! It takes place at the edge of the Russian wilderness. It’s written much like one of those old folk Eastern European tales. Gorgeous book. Especially perfect for winter.

One Dark Window by Rachel Gillig – A beautiful romantasy with so many gothic elements. You will love the writing and the character are so well done. Ravyn and Elspeth are such great couple! The development was impeccable.

Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross – An incredible book that gets everything right down to the very last detail. It’s young adult so don’t expect spice in this one, but it’s so worth reading. Now, the second instalment is coming up a day after Xmas so it’s a great time to pick it now! The myths, the gods, the story, you’ll love it!

Belladonna by Adalyn Grace – A beautiful gothic romantic story about a girl called Signa that can talk to Death. And Death is kinda attractive for a change, which makes this book confusing and really really exciting. It’s a series and the second book just came out!

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – This is one of the very first fantasy books that got me into the genre. In my opinion, it’s a true masterpiece. It’s magical, mysterious and has just the right touch of romance that we all need in our lives.

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J Mass – If you haven’t read this one, then it’s time to pick it up. Honestly, it took me several tries to even get into it. There are many hardcore fans that swear by it. I can see why this would be helpful with the Iron Flame hangover, but personally, I didn’t love it. Now, the second book in the series, A Court of Mist and Fury was much, much better.

Which books did you read from this list? Do you have any recommendations? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. And hey, if you want to read Fourth Wing and Iron Flame again, please do! At least, that’s my favourite way to cure a hangover.

Any if you are not ready to move on from Violet and Xaden just yet? Discuss the books with like-minded fantasy book lovers at Empyrean Riders Club. Join us now!

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24 responses to “Iron Flame Book Hangover: A list of recommended fantasy books to fill the void”

    1. Thank you for the rec, Lauren! <3

  1. The Aurelian Cycle series. Start with Fireborne.

    Not very spicy, but there is love and dragons. Definitely helped the Empyrean hangover subside.

  2. Some awesome fantasy books out right now. I just finished Uprooted which was an enchanting fantasy with a great herione and really great fairytale. Im just starting the cruel prince series off a recommendation. But The bone shard daughter is a great read, that’s a trilogy.

    1. I’m currently reading Uprooted! Argh, should I try The Cruel Prince? Some of my book friends told me nobody in the book is nice, and my anxiety can’t take it during the holiday season haha. What are your thoughts so far? Will add the Bone Shard Daughter to my TBR, thank you!

  3. If you are craving more dragons, there is The Aurelian Cycle. Just started the first book, so far I am devouring it!

    1. Guess who is adding more books to their TBR? This girl, this girl right here! Thank you!

  4. The Vampire Academy series!! Especially given the ending of Iron Flame! It’s a completed series, and even the spin-off is completed.

    1. Will check it out! Thank you!

    2. I totally flashed to vampire academy after the ending. VA is really well constructed and the love story is A++

      1. Now I’m even more excited to read it.

  5. Great recommendations! Thanks! I’ve worked my way through a few of them now. I agree that Court of Thorns & Roses is my least fav, though the series does get better over time.

    After reading The Bonds That Tie series based on your recommendation, I stumbled upon The Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac (a prequel to the Zodiac Academy series). It’s also a spicy reverse harem & it’s great! Much better world building than TBTT & laugh out loud funny at times too. It’s a completed series, but some characters do feature in the long Zodiac series & another related series if you want more of that world (neither of those series are completed yet though). Trust me, you’ll like it! 😉

    1. TBTT is an indie series. The author did so well considering. I am going to look into the Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac! Thank you. Did you like the Zodiac Academy?

      1. I liked TBTT for sure, but I’m glad I read it before Ruthless Boys. I haven’t read Zodiac Academy yet. It’s a serious commitment! The 9th (& supposedly final) book comes out in April, plus there are multiple novellas too. I’m going to start with a prequel novella & see if I like it. I’ll keep ya posted!

        1. Thank you! Added it to my TBR as well

          1. So I’ve now read Ruthless Boys (completed series), all Zodiac Academy books set 5 years after RB (final book comes in April) + ZA novellas, & Dark Penitentiary set 10 years after RB (3/5 books completed). I’m now fully immersed in their world! Ha! Both RB & DP are reverse harems. ZA is my least favorite of the 3, but still enjoyable. They all tie into each other/build on the same world/characters. You can get it all with Kindle Unlimited! I do recommend overall.

          2. Does Zodiac Academy get better? I tried it twice 🙁 because there are so many books, but I can’t deal with bully romance. Does it get less so?

  6. Yes, it does over time. And it opens up the whole world more. That said, I do feel like they’re bloated a bit. And not my fav of theirs. RB is way better & I think really should be read first. Those authors do love a bully romance though.

    On a sad side note, my first edition of Iron Flame with black edges got ruined by my daughter’s slime this weekend. 😭 I’m bummed & can’t get a black edged one now.

  7. You have to give Under the Oak Tree a shot by Suji Kim it’s originally a Korean novel that’s been translated so the book is broken down into “Seasons” which there are two of and parts which are like 6 in a season. It has knights and mages and every monster under the sun though the dragons aren’t the good guys in this series. It has the spice but, also both Female and Male leads have a lot of growth to go through to work out their personal flaws. It does have a few slow spots for plot depth but, I promise it’s worth it for when the action kicks in.

    1. Katie, I’m in the worst book slump since the beginning of book slumps. I cannot be more grateful for your recommendation!

  8. The ACOTAR series is a little slow and is not as fast-paced as Iron Flame and Fourth Wing.

    1. I agree with you. I was not its biggest fan.

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