• Ending of Iron Flame explained

    Ending of Iron Flame explained

    If you haven’t finished Iron Flame, please go and read it first, as this article will contain plenty of spoilers. You just finished Iron Flame and you are probably super confused. I know the feeling. I felt he same way so I went back and read the book again, and again, to really understand what… Continue reading

  • The Battle of Zolya

    The Battle of Zolya

    The battle of Zolya lasted two days and the city fell to venin and wyvern. The wyvern that attacked the city were blue fire wyvern. An estimate of ten thousand lives have been lost, including the General Fenella, the commander of Braevick’s gryphon fleet. Zolya was an extremely strategic city for Poromiel as it was… Continue reading

  • Second Cygni incursion

    Second Cygni incursion

    The second Cygni incursion from year 328 was a four-day temper tantrum which ended up with Cygnisen being absorbed into the Kingdom of Poromiel, where they’ve been for the last three hundred years. Continue reading

  • Rider Survival Course

    Rider Survival Course

    Rider Survival Course or RSC for short, teaches cadets how to survive if you become separated from their dragon behind enemy lines. It’s a staple of the second year at Basgiath War College with two evaluations which cadets must pass to remain enrolled in college. During RSC cadets learn navigation, survival techniques, and how to… Continue reading

  • Battle of Resson

    Battle of Resson

    The Battle of Resson stands out as a pivotal moment, when Violet sees that venin and wyvern are real. Violet with Xaden, together with other marked ones, engage in a battle against four venin and their wyvern to protect innocent civilians in Resson. The Strategic Importance of Athebyne Athebyne, a military outpost situated on the… Continue reading

  • The Great War

    The Great War

    In response to the Great War, dragons claimed the western lands, and gryphons claimed the central ones, abandoning the Barrens and the memory of General Daramor, who nearly destroyed the Continent with his army. Their allies sailed home, and they began a period of peace and prosperity as the provinces of Navarre united for the… Continue reading

  • Tyrrish Rebellion

    Tyrrish Rebellion

    Tyrrendor, the last province to pledge allegiance to King Reginalt, initiated the Tyrrish Rebellion 627 years after joining the alliance. This event is referred to as the apostasy by the inhabitants of Tyrrendor province and the secession by those from Navarre. The rebellion was spearheaded by Fen Riorson, the father of Xaden Riorson. Despite their… Continue reading

  • Conscription Day

    Conscription Day

    Conscription Day, as depicted in the Empyrean series, is a significant event that marks the beginning of service for thousands of 20-year-olds in Navarre. On this day, these young individuals, who represent the strongest and smartest of their generation, gather outside the Basgiath War College, ready to enter their chosen quadrant for service: Scribe Quadrant,… Continue reading


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