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Tyrrish Rebellion

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Tyrrendor, the last province to pledge allegiance to King Reginalt, initiated the Tyrrish Rebellion 627 years after joining the alliance. This event is referred to as the apostasy by the inhabitants of Tyrrendor province and the secession by those from Navarre.

The rebellion was spearheaded by Fen Riorson, the father of Xaden Riorson. Despite their efforts, the rebellion was unsuccessful. Fen Riorson was captured during the Battle of Aretia and subsequently executed.

As a harsh punitive measure, all the rebellion’s leaders were publicly executed, and their children were forced to witness these executions.

These children, including Xaden Riorson, were then marked with Rebellion Relics. Contrary to previous beliefs, these marks were not created by Codagh directly, General Melgren’s dragon, but were the result of a rune created by Colonel Mairi, Liam and Sloane’s mother.

The rune, initially large, was collapsed into stones and distributed to the children of the officers before the Battle of Aretia. Each child was instructed to carry their stone at all times. The rune was designed as a protection mechanism, specifically to counter the signet of the rider whose dragon would execute their parent.

It activated upon the parent’s death by dragonfire, creating the swirling marks on the arms of the children, known as the Rebellion Relics.

There are 107 such marked individuals, with Xaden Riorson, aged 24 , being the oldest. He was previously a Wingleader (Fourth Wing) at the Basgiath War College in Navarre. He is now a lieutenant, freshly graduated from College (Iron Flame).

These relics were initially mistaken as punitive symbols, but were, in reality, a final act of protection from the parents to their children.

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4 responses to “Tyrrish Rebellion”

  1. Hi! I’ve been creating history for my O.C., sole for my on entertainment, with Fourth Wing as the scenario and as my character is put to be a chikd of separatists I’ve been trying to place for how long the apostasy endured before Riorsons capture, do you have idea of how many months ou years it stood?

    1. Hmmm I will check on my next re-read to see if there is any info. But I don’t think we know that

  2. Think you’re wrong on the rebellion relic part – believe those were created without any intention by Codagh or Melgren. They were created by the runes given to the rebellion leaders’ children being activated when their parents were killed by dragonfire. The rune was meant to protect them against Melgren and his power and thus the relic winds up being a blind spot for Melgren’s signet later – an unintended consequence of killing their parents, not of giving them a relic. Violet even notes that this is why the relics all start at their wrists – the kids were holding the rune stones in their hands during the execution.

    1. Hi Elise, you are 100% correct. I will modify the page. These wiki entries were created when I finished Fourth Wing (Iron Flame was not out yet). I wrote it based on the info we had. It was never clarified how and why, but given everyone’s reaction I assumed that they were done intentionally and with a dual purpose.
      I believe I have some pages on my wiki which may need updating with the new Iron Flame information! So thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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