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Liam Mairi

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Liam Mairi Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros
NameLiam Mairi
RankRider, Second Squad, Tail Section, Fourth Wing
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
Place of BirthTyrrendor Province, Navarre
FamilyIsaac Mairi (father)
Colonel Mairi (mother)
Sloane (younger sister)
Xaden Riorson (foster brother)
Duke Lindell (foster father)
RelationshipsViolet Sorrengail (friend)
StatusDead (his dragon was killed by wyvern)


After the capture and execution of his parents, Liam was sent to a foster home in Tirvainne. He met his foster brother there, Xaden Riorson. Both children were fostered by Duke Lindell.

Physical Appearance

Tall man, spiky-blond hair. Liam has strong features, a prominent nose and sky-blue eyes. He has a dimple when he smiles.


Fourth Wing

Liam is nice, courteous, funny and ridiculously helpful. He is a talented woodcarver. Liam is fiercely loyal and despite being friends with Violet Sorrengail, he still does as told by Xaden.

Despite the public’s disdain for his rebellion relic, Xaden carries himself with dignity, maintaining a composed and confident demeanor in the face of adversity.

Iron Flame

Violet remembers Liam as having a boisterous laugh, a quick smile and as being loyal and kind.


Liam’s signet is farsightedness. (He can see far distances clearly.)


Liam knows how to use sign language. He’s the top cadet, fast, extremely good at fighting. Liam is the top cadet in his year. He was the fastest up the Gauntlet.

Liam has a stupidly good hearing.


Xaden Riorson

Liam Mairi grew up with Xaden, and it’s evident that he’s very loyal to him. He mentions on several occasions that he owns him everything. It was Xaden who thought Liam how to fight, during their time in foster care in Tirvainne.

Violet Sorrengail

Liam develops a friendship with Violet. He is first assigned to guard and protect her with his life. However, as they spend more time together, they both become friends. Despite it all, Liam does it clarify it that as much as he cares for Violet as a friend, he values his loyalty towards Xaden more.

Catriona Cordella

Liam didn’t hate many people but Cat was on his list.

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