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Isaac Mairi

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NameIsaac Mairi
OriginTyrrendor Province, Navarre
FamilyColonel Mairi (spouse)
Liam Mairi (son)
Sloane (daughter)
StatusDead (executed)
Mentioned inFourth Wing

About Isaac Mairi

Isaac was the husband of Colonel Mairi. He had two children, his son Liam and his daughter Sloane.

Isaac was executed after the Tyrrish Rebellion.


My stomach sinks. “No. No, that’s not right. Your father was Isaac Mairi,
right? I’ve studied all the noble houses in every province, including
Tyrrendor.” Had I gotten something wrong?
“Yes. Isaac was my father.” He tilts his head, looking toward the area
where Jesinia disappeared, and I get the distinct feeling he is over this


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6 responses to “Isaac Mairi”

  1. Hi. I admire your devotion to create this page and I thoroughly enjoyed your theories. I sure hope we do get Liam back! Why would his family crest be mentioned in connection with the mine unless the venin were looking for something? Something to do with the rune they found, perhaps? Anyway, I think you’ve got a slight imprecision here. We don’t actually know that Isaac Mairi was a colonel. All we know points to Liam’s mother being the one in charge, the colonel. She was executed and Violet thought that Liam’s father had nothing to do with the rebellion. He was executed separately from the leaders. And at the Reunification celebration, Violet thinks they are celebrating Liam’s *mother’s* death. The mother was the one who “broke faith with Navarre”. So it makes sense that the lady is a rebel (and a colonel).

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it.
      You are absolutely right. I re-read the paragraphs again (the ones when Liam is talking about his mother/father) and the paragraphs where indeed Colonel Mairi was mentioned. I believe I do have it mixed up, as you said. Colonel Mairi is, indeed, Liam’s mother.
      I cannot express how grateful I am for this correction. Thank you <3

      Edit: Made the needed changes and added the profile for Colonel Mairi. Also added Sloane.

      1. I wonder what became of the rebels’ dragons (those who had dragons, of course). Including Colonel Mairi’s (if she was one of those).

        1. I wonder if they are back in the Vale? Unwilling to bond? Much like how Tairn was?

          1. It might just add to the explanation why less dragons are willing to bond. I mean, fighting within Navarre isn’t exactly conducive to make the dragons willing to bond – even those who haven’t lost a rider. After all, they MIGHT. And my guess is that a good deal of the rebel leaders were riders – they are the top of the cream in their society. I can’t exactly imagine two or three riders following a crowd of scribes, even if those are also officers.

          2. I mean, for sure. I get it that they need bonded riders to create wards around their precious Vale, but I also feel a lot of them are furious and are plotting a coup haha. They were probably waiting for the right candidates (ehm, Violet and Tairn / Xaden and Sgayel) to basically lead the revolution again.

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