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Sloane Mairi Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros
NameSloane Mairi
RankMarked by Rebellion Relic, Rider
QuadrantSecond Squad, Flame Section, Fourth Wing, Riders Quadrant
DragonThoirt, Red Daggetail
Place of birthTyrrendor Province, Navarre
FamilyLiam Mairi (brother)
Isaac Mairi (father)
Colonel Mairi (mother)


Sloane manages to cross the Parapet with a little help from Violet Sorrengail in regards to her hair. Sloane makes it obvious that she hates Violet from the start, thinking she is the reason why her brother is dead.

She challenges Violet on the mat but Violet doesn’t weaver. She continues to help Sloane even if she refuses Violet’s (and Imogen’s) help. Eventually, Violet blackmails Sloane into accepting help from Imogen in exchange for getting letters from her brother, which, Violet kept.

Sloane stops hating Violet and eventually comes around, learning how her brother really didn’t hate Violet, but actually really liked her.

Sloane bonds a red daggertail, the same as her brother. She manifests her signet in Iron Flame, and she is a siphon.

Physical Appearance

She’s strong, quick and has good balance. Sloane has the same beautiful sky-blue eyes as her brother. She has blonde hair. Sloane is 3 inches taller than Violet Sorrengail.

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  1. How did Sloane find out that Violet was involved when her brother died? I thought that whole battle was a secret from anyone who wasn’t there?

    1. Assuming that she still lived in Tyrrendor, chances are she was connected with other marked ones who told her what happened. I think she was told the truth but she hated Violet because he died protecting her, a Sorrengail

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