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Soleil Telery

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NameSoleil Telery
RankThird Year Rider
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
DragonFuil (Brown Clubtail)
StatusDead (killed by venin)
Appears inFourth Wing


Soleil, a third-year student in the Riders Quadrant, along with her dragon, Fuil, met their demise during the Battle of Resson. They were on the ground when a venin channelled its power, drawing energy from the earth beneath their feet and draining everything in its path, including Soleil and Fuil.


Soleil charges toward the venin with Fuil on her heels, her dagger palmed
and ready as the rest of the group of townspeople make it into the tunnel.
This is all worth it as long as they survive.
The wave of death pushes forward from the venin, flowing outward and
catching up with the fleeing civilian in the middle of the road. He falls, then
screams soundlessly, curling in on himself as his body becomes nothing but
a husk of a shell.


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