Empyrean Series Book Club

Empyrean Series Book Club

You asked and I listened. You wanted an Empyrean Series Book Club, with in-depth discussions for dragons, and characters. Not only that, but you wanted a read along option on this site so we can discuss each chapter individually. I get it, it’s also super useful for finding Easter eggs and for discussing theories as we go.

This is also the perfect place to discuss things as they happen without further spoilers, making it an awesome option for those who want to be part of an active Empyrean Series book club.

To be part of the Empyrean Series Book Club, all you need to do is want to read the books together. From now on, I will post a new chapter discussion every single day. Please engage in the comments and send your ideas and details on what you loved more about that particular chapter. In doing so, we’re hopefully going to come up with even more theories and maybe even discover Violet’s second signet.

This series will continue once Book 3 is out as well.

Fourth Wing Chapters Read Along

Fourth Wing Book Club Questions

  1. How does the opening scene set the tone for the rest of the novel?
  2. Discuss the significance of the title, Fourth Wing.
  3. Violet’s journey is central to the story. How does her character evolve from the beginning to the end?
  4. The theme of duty versus desire is prevalent throughout the book. How do different characters navigate this tension?
  5. Discuss the role of family in the novel. How do familial relationships impact the characters’ decisions and growth?
  6. The Empyrean Series is known for its complex world-building. What aspects of the setting in Fourth Wing did you find most fascinating?
  7. Violet faces numerous challenges throughout her journey. Which challenge do you think was her greatest, and why?
  8. Discuss the portrayal of friendship between Dain and Violet.
  9. Should Violet trust Rhiannon more? Or less?
  10. Do you think Sgaeyl had something to do with Violet’s bonding?
  11. The novel features a diverse cast of characters. How do their differing backgrounds and perspectives enrich the story?
  12. Violet’s relationship with Liam is complex. Discuss their dynamic and how it evolves.
  13. The book includes several plot twists. Which one surprised you the most, and why?
  14. How does the author use foreshadowing to build suspense and anticipation?
  15. Discuss the novel’s antagonists. What motivates their actions, and do you find them to be well-developed characters?
  16. Which character’s sacrifice struck you as the most poignant, and why?
  17. How do the characters’ past experiences shape their choices and personalities in Fourth Wing?
  18. Do you agree with Imogen’s actions at the beginning of the book?
  19. The novel explores themes of power and corruption. How are these themes manifested in the story?
  20. How does Violet’s understanding of herself and her abilities change throughout the book?
  21. Discuss the importance of loyalty in Fourth Wing.
  22. Which scene was the most memorable for you, and why?
  23. How does the author handle the depiction of moral ambiguity?
  24. Which would be your signet if you could pick?
  25. Which dragon would you pick?
  26. What do you like most about Xaden Riorson?
  27. How does Fourth Wing contribute to the portrayal of women in fantasy literature?
  28. How do the characters’ relationships evolve throughout the novel? (mainly Violet + Xaden)
  29. Should Violet ever forgive Dain?
  30. Who do you consider to be the hero of the story, and why?
  31. Which moment in Fourth Wing was the most emotionally impactful for you?
  32. Discuss the role of secrets and revelations in the novel.
  33. How do characters demonstrate resilience, and what can readers learn from them?
  34. How does the author use contrast (e.g., between characters, settings, themes) to enhance the narrative?
  35. What qualities make a good leader in the context of the novel?
  36. How does the novel address the theme of belonging?
  37. How will Fourth Wing expand on the world-building of the series?
  38. Do you think Xaden has a secret ability? What is it?
  39. Do you think Lilith is a bad character?
  40. Should everyone trust their dragons?
  41. How do the characters confront their fears and insecurities throughout the book?
  42. Do you think Mira knows the truth?
  43. Were you satisfied with Jack’s outcome?
  44. How did you feel knowing that Xaden kept such an important secret?
  45. Who truly holds power according to the book?
  46. Do you feel Fourth Wing is unique?
  47. Discuss the novel’s ending. Were you satisfied with the conclusion, and what do you hope to see in future books?
  48. How does Fourth Wing compare to other books in the fantasy genre?
  49. What themes or elements would you like to see explored in Iron Flame?
  50. If you could ask Rebecca Yarros one question about Fourth Wing, what would it be?


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