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Fan Iron Flame Theory: Xaden’s mother is venin

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Written by: Cory

Iron Flame theory: Is Xaden's mom venin?

I’m bringing you another one of our readers’ fan theories, submitted to our website. This one if about Xaden and his mother.

As always, before we proceed, there are spoilers ahead! Alright, let’s proceed.

This theory was submitted by Martina, one of our readers who believe Xaden’s mom could be venin. But hey, not just any venin, but actual General Venin!

It’s all about the runes in the wyvern

In Iron Flame, let’s recall the meeting, where Xaden, Violet and Mira meet with Generals Melgreen and Lilith. It’s all a lot of disagreements before Lilith asks for a little time to talk to her own daughters.

That’s when Lilith tells them that their wards are going to fail but Violet and Mira basically state otherwise. Lilith then tells her daughters to cut open the wyvern carcasses and check them inside.

Gruesome, sure, but Mira and Violet do exactly that. You probably remember that they discovered a cold stone which we now know it’s actually a rune. And we also know that wyvern are created and not born, like dragons. So chances are, there are some runes which can “power” wyvern. Creepy and scary.

Now how does this relate to Xaden’s mother? Well going back to Iron Flame, we learn that Xaden’s mother had a “contract” in place so to speak. An agreement.

“She left when I was young. Their marriage contract said an heir had to survive to the age of ten, and then she was free to go, which is what she did. I haven’t seen or heard from her since.”

Martina then proceeds to tell us that she thinks there is a connection. Who could possible give venin access to runes? We learn in Iron Flame that Basgiath is practically built on runes. Not only that, but Aretia and pretty much everyone from Tyrrendor continue to use runes. In fact, we learn that all marked ones know runes, and they are taught this when they are young.

We also know that the best rune master is dead. She was Liam’s mother, Colonel Mairi. She is also the one who created the protective runes for the children of the rebellion leaders.

But with all leaders either dead or the head of the assembly, who else, good enough with runes, could give this to the venin?

Martins thinks it was Xaden’s mother. Why? Clearly she left when Xaden was only 10. To do something so drastic, she must have loathed her own people somehow.

So, is Xaden’s mother, General Venin? Or is she part of the venin somehow? It could be!

My thoughts on this theory

It’s hard to disagree with Martina. I do think someone gave venin runes. Which is why they now have wyvern. I also think there is a relation between Brennan and his weird rune on his palm. Coincidence?

I am, however, pretty certain Xaden’s mother is not General Venin. We address the General as a “he/him” a lot of the times. Which leads me to believe that it is a man.

I also don’t think Xaden’s mom is any venin we’ve seen so far. Back at the beginning of the year, Rebecca Yarros gave an interview where she was asked if General Venin or the Sage could be her father. In fact, I thought so too, so that was one of my very first theories for Iron Flame.

She has quickly disproven that theory, saying that “don’t you think you’d recognize your own father, no matter what? I’d like to think I’d recognize my father…”

Xaden has seen plenty of venins, at Resson and beyond. So far, he has not come across his mother. Because he would have recognized her.

I know many of you might disagree, but I’m pretty sure Xaden’s mother is actually the Goddess Dunne. For now, you really can’t convince me otherwise. I’m certain Xaden and Violet are Gods too, and I think we are about to find more a lot more about this.

My take? Xaden’s mother simply left because Xaden’s dad made a deal with a Goddess. And chances are, she left to protect Xaden and her other child, Boddhi. Make no mistake, I still think Xaden and Boddhi are siblings.

Martina, I loved your theory and I know many will agree with you on this one! I’m really curious to see what other readers think. Opening the comments to you <3

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