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Depiction of Wyvern breeds with blue fire and green fire, Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros


Wyverns, often considered creatures of folklore (Fables of the Barren), turned out to be very real indeed. Similar to dragons but larger, wyverns are distinguished by their two-legged form as opposed to the four-legged dragons. They possess a mane of razor-sharp feathers running down their necks and, alarmingly, they have a predilection for human flesh.

Wyvern have rotting teeth. When killed and dissected, wyvern present runes inside of them.

Venin share a collective conscious with the wyvern they create.

Physical Appearance

Wyvern are grey, they have two legs and poison barbed tails. They spit blue flames.

Breeds of Wyvern

There are several types of wyvern. One that produces blue fire, one that is faster that breathes green fire. Another that produces cherry red fire.

Difference between Dragons and Wyvern

The key difference has been that a wyvern has two legs, whereas a dragon has four.

Wyvern can exist because venin can channel power into then, unlike dragons who channel power into the riders instead.

In the event of their rider’s death, a wyvern will also perish, which is a stark contrast to dragons who are capable of living on after their riders pass away.


If their rider is killed, they too die.

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