• Cliffs of Dralor

    Cliffs of Dralor

    From the dangerous waves of the Arctile Ocean to the lowest plains of the Tyrrendor plateau, the Cliffs of Dralor rise to over twelve thousand feet in places. Points of Interest: Medaro Pass. Continue reading

  • Draithus


    Name Draithus Kingdom Kingdom of Poromiel Political Significance Krovla’s most populous city Royalty Viscount Tecarus Draithus is situated about an hour southeast of a referenced location and is known for being close to both the Navarrian border and the sea. It is mentioned in the context of shared airspace agreements between Navarre and Krovla, particularly… Continue reading

  • Anca


    Name Anca Kingdom Kingdom of Poromiel Political Significance Close proximity to Zolya Royalty Viscount Tecarus Location Braevick Province Points of Interest Cliffsbane Anca is a city in the Kingdom of Poromiel, close to Zolya. The city is in the Braevick Province, next to the Stonewater River. Continue reading

  • The Isle Kingdoms

    The Isle Kingdoms

    The isle kingdoms consist of five large and thirteen smaller islands that surround the Continent in every direction. The Isle Kingdoms were allies in the Great War, as mentioned in a book detailing the complex relationships of the First Six and their experiences during this conflict​​. There is an indication that the Isle Kingdoms have… Continue reading

  • Cordyn


    Name Cordyn Location Kingdom of Poromiel Political Significance Home of Viscount Tecarus Cordyn is the next largest city between Zolya and Draithus, and still outside venin-controlled territory. It is a seaside city was a two-day flight from Basgiath, and around ten hour flight from Aretia. The city is on the sourthern coast of the Krovlan… Continue reading

  • Healers Quadrant

    Healers Quadrant

    Quadrant Healers College Basgiath War College Significance Cadets study here to become healers. It also houses menders Code Code of Chricton The Healers Quadrant is a specialised area dedicated to healing and medical care. The Healers Quadrant houses cadets in training to become healers but also graduated and qualified healers like Winifred. Additionally, riders with… Continue reading

  • Sipene


    Name Sipene Type of settlement Village Location High in the Esben Mountains Sipene is a village high in the Esben Mountains, an hour’s flight from Montserrat. It is located at the border Navarre shares with the Braevick province of Poromiel.Sipene is one of the villages that lies beyond Navarre’s protective wards. Continue reading

  • Calldyr


    Name Calldyr City Province Calldyr Province Kingdom Navarre Location West of the continent, bordering Luceras and Tyrrendor Importance Royal seat, where the King is Basgiath receives information from the front before it is sent to the king in Calldyr, positioning Calldyr as a political centre. Calldyr is described as having courts and theatres, as well… Continue reading

  • Resson


    Type Trading Post, City in Poromiel Geography Plains Population Over 300 people Location Border of Krovla and Tyrrendor Agreements The Trade Agreement of Resson Major Events Battle of Resson Major landmarks A clock tower Nearby Outpost Athebyne Resson is a trading post located at the edge of the dragon-protected border. There are 300 people living… Continue reading

  • Samara


    Type Military Outpost Location East Navarre, at the borders of Krovla and Braevick Samara is the easternmost outpost of the Southern Wing, where the borders of Krovla and Braevick provinces intersect, and a day’s flight away from Basgiath War College. Samara is a mammoth fortress with dark-red stone. It is laid out similar to Athebyne… Continue reading


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