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Healers Quadrant

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CollegeBasgiath War College
SignificanceCadets study here to become healers. It also houses menders
CodeCode of Chricton

The Healers Quadrant is a specialised area dedicated to healing and medical care. The Healers Quadrant houses cadets in training to become healers but also graduated and qualified healers like Winifred. Additionally, riders with the exceptional signet of mender are also housed in the Healers Quadrant.

The Healers Quadrant is part of the Basgiath War College, positioned at the southern end of the college. There’s a door at the bottom of the stairwell, below the main level, that leads to the passage into the Healers Quadrant farther up the ravine.

Menders are not healers. Healers are bound to the Code of Chricton, sworn to aide all in time of need and never to harm a beating heart. Menders are riders. They’re only sworn to the Codex. They can as easily bring harm as heal.” – Major Frederick’s Modern Guide for Healers

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