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QuadrantHealers Quadrant
RelationshipNolon (spouse)
Appears inFourth Wing

About Winifred

Winifred is the best healer at Basgiath. She prepares every tonic herself.

Violet is taken to Winifred to be healed after her fight with Imogen on the mat. While Imogen has Violet in a hold, she doesn’t yield, but Emetterio intervenes and stops the sparring match.


“Maybe what, Dain Aetos? You want to see her suffer?” Winifred
lectures. “I told her they’d break you,” she mutters as she leans over me, her
gray eyes full of worry as she assesses me. Winifred is the best healer
Basgiath has, and she prepares every tonic she prescribes herself—and has
seen me through more scrapes than I care to count over the years. “Would
she listen to me? Absolutely not. Your mother is so damned stubborn.”

Fourth Wing, CHAPTER SIX

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