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RankCadet, Second Squad, Flame Section, Fourth Wing
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
Appears inFourth Wing

Physical Appearance

Tynan has a stocky build with blue-black hair and angular features.

About Tynan

Tynan first appears in Fourth Wing during sparring with Rhiannon. She effortlessly beats Tynan on the mat. This fight is relevant because it happens right before Imogen tries to kill Violet during the sparring match.

Tynan loudly insults the dragons during Threshing, especially Andarna, the young golden dragon.

Tynan is killed during Threshing by Tairn.


The black dragon’s eyes narrow to glare at Tynan and he opens his mouth
wide a second before fire shoots across the field, blasting heat against the
side of my face and incinerating everything in its path…including Tynan.


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